March 2, 2021

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Left-Wing Activist Charged for Role in Capitol Breach

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Left Wing Protester

A left-wing “known agitator” from Utah has been charged for his alleged role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building last week.

John Earle Sullivan has been charged with entering a restricted building or grounds, “civil disorders,” and violent entry or disorderly conduct, according to a KUTV 2 News report.

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Chuck Ross said that Sullivan appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” after the breach, where he claimed he witnessed the deadly shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police officer.

“Left-wing activist John Sullivan charged in Capitol riots. He was filming as Ashli [Babbitt] was shot in the Capitol. Was interviewed by Chris Hayes and Anderson Cooper,” Ross wrote in a Tweet on Thursday evening.

According to an affidavit of probably cause, Sullivan cheered on the breach and subsequent violence and destruction. KUTV 2 News quoted part of the affidavit as follows:

After the crowd broke through the last barricade, and as SULLIVAN and the others approach the Capitol Building, SULLIVAN can be heard in the video saying at various points: ‘There are so many people. Let’s go. This s— is ours! F— yeah,’ ‘We accomplished this s—. We did this together. F— yeah! We are all a part of this history,’ and ‘Let’s burn this s— down.’”

According to Politifact, Sullivan is the founder of Insurgence USA, “an activist group against police brutality.”

“Sullivan has not been shy about his presence at the Capitol riot,” Politifact said. “He filmed the events as they happened, and he was nearby when Capitol police fatally shot a woman inside the building. He described the shooting during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that night.”

“Sullivan confirmed to PolitiFact that he entered the building with the rioters, and that he is in the photographs shown as part of the Facebook post,” the report added.

KUTV 2 News reporter Heidi Hatch highlighted Sullivan’s left-wing and anti-Trump activism, tweeting “John Sullivan in DC in December- post from Instagram. He’s behind in the Tooele County Jail in Utah. His first court appearance 1/15 Friday,” in reference to an Instagram video Sullivan had posted.

The video is captioned: “We got to rip that MF (motherf***er) out of office,” an apparent reference to Trump. The caption adds the hashtags, “#F***Trump,” “#BLM,” “Antifa,” and “TrumpMeltdown.”

The man in the video says, “We gotta f***ing rip Trump out of that office, right over there. F***ing pull him out that s***. We ain’t about wait ’till the next election. We about to go get that motherf***er.”

“The Department of Justice website shows Sullivan is scheduled to appear in court in Utah on Friday at 4 p.m.,” KUTV 2 News said.

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5 thoughts on “Left-Wing Activist Charged for Role in Capitol Breach

  1. I guess God loves him and so should I because I’m a Christian. But that will take some doing and maybe a little time because he is one wild-looking young man.

  2. vp Harris is already talking with the fbi to drop all charges againest him, her reason, He was just getting his life turned around and he’s a good boy!!!

  3. I would love to leave a comment! The Question is will it actually get POSTED??? FB has already Blocked me from the News Feed to FB!
    This shows that Our President Trump, DID NOT INCITE A RIOT!! The RIOT was backed by the very TREASONOUS people that are doing there best to trample, a very good President?? This guy John Earle Sullivan, one of the THUGS, that was inciting riots and looting, during this last Summer?? Now, The DEMS, are the one that set this up to happen?? Or why else, wasn’t there any Police Security in that building to STOP, these jerks from Rioting?? There had to be an INSIDER on the DEMS payroll, high up the chain, so this could actually take place!! Then to make matters, worst these Treasonous DEMS, are again trying to IMPEACH a President, on FAKE ASS CHARGES??? The first Impeachment, did not go though, so you can not say that President Trump was impeached (2) times! The Collusion, the Impeachment’s, and every thing else, that the DEMS have tried to do TO REMOVE A PRESIDENT THAT THE PEOPLE OF THE USA, WANTS IN OFFICE!!! I know in my HEART THE TRUMP WON THE ELECTION??? The DEMS used software, to change the votes?? Find the General that worked for OBAMA, A general who’s name begins with a M! He knows about the software that was used in Elections 2012; 2016; and 2020?? He said that this software was used in 2012, for Obama; it was used again for HILLARY, which did not work for her?? Then they used it again in 2020, to take large amounts of votes to the DEMS?? You would have to be a very stupid, person to believe that a Man Biden, who did not Champaign from his basement?? When every time PRESIDENT Trump had a rally, there was aways 100,s of thousands that showed up? Just like on WED the 6th of January??? Then there is a Postal worker who drove his route, and after his load was unload, by others! This worker was told that he could not unload these ballots, they would do it! Well he new what they were unloading and then reloaded, by these other workers? This guy new that they were in fact Mail in ballots! He thought that there were between 100,000. To 280,000, mail in Ballots? When he went to leave, he was told not to go to the next stop, he was told to go back to his original site! At this time the drive asks for a time stamp, so that he could get paid for his down time, the Supervisor TOLD HIM NO!!
    Now, why isn’t this all over the damn news?? When he got back to his first stop, he dropped the trailer, and then went to park the cab and go home! Now, the next night he comes back gets the cab and goes to pick up the trailer?? The trailer was gone?? He calls the police and makes out a report?? If a MAIL TRUCK GOES MISSING, why wasn’t the FBI called in to investigate, the theft of that Trailer???? Way to many things going on and yet WE THE PEOPLE, are that STUPID??? We are not??

  4. This is what those radical leftists can do if we let them. Such godless chatter. But only God knows what will happen and He will handle it in spite of these liberal radicals.

  5. This is what those radical leftists can do if we let them. Such godless chatter. But only God knows what will happen and He will handle it in spite of these liberal radicals.

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