In a year that has been the most politically divisive yet, it seems there was one thing that most people could agree on – that 2020 sucked big time!

Let’s face it, 2020 was a year like none other. Murder hornets, a contentious election cycle, wildfires, the Pentagon admitting that UFOs are real, and let’s not forget the minor inconvenience of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

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The Daily Standard asked their readers how they would like to say goodbye to 2020. The results people wrote in ranged from the profound to the hilarious, but they all had a running theme — all were glad to see 2020 in their review mirrors and are looking forward to better times ahead. Here is a selection of the Standard’s reader’s best responses to the question, “what would your last words be if you could talk to 2020 and what would they say to greet 2021?”

“2020 – you truly stank,” writes Martha Curry Scheer of St. Marys. “But despite your best efforts, I will remember that we made it through with a roof over our heads, with our whole family alive and with our jobs intact. We never went hungry, always had toilet paper, and learned how to be content. Now, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

“2020, you woke us up,” said Joelle Allen of St. Paris. “You showed the world that we weren’t untouchable. Proved that the Earth is slowly dying. And for us to believe, trust and to have faith. 2021, we welcome you with hope. We ask for calm and kindness. We pray for guidance and peace. We ask for joyful laughter, but most of all, we want to be with our family without fear. We ask for life.”

But, some found a silver lining in all the misery. Amy Johnson Nelson wrote that 2020 had taught her to appreciate the little things in life. “Being able to see family and friends and giving them hugs. I miss them. I miss hugs. I miss my parents seeing my kids,” she wrote. “I hope 2021 brings health and happiness to all. Cheers to a New Year!”

Other responses were short and sweet.

“Ain’t you gone yet?” Carl Ward of Celina said to 2020. “‘Bout time you got here,” he said to 2021.

“2020 can take a leap off a tall cliff,” said Vicki Wackler of Covington. “Hoping 2021 is better than ever.”

But perhaps Jeanne Braun summed up the feelings of most Americans best, saying,

“2020 is a year we will never forget and one we don’t want to remember!” “2021, a year of hope for peace and a more ‘United’ Unites States of America!”

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