Police Officers Walking Down Street

The Dorset Police chief constable in the UK told lockdown protesters to just accept that “now is really not the time” for freedom of speech and the right to assembly.

James Vaughan was speaking after two women were arrested for being recorded leaving their home more than once and “sitting on a bench.” After a controversial reaction from the public, police now allege the arrest was “stage-managed” by lockdown protesters, as one of the women is a Covid skeptic. She denies any pre-planning.

“We appealed to them [the protesters] last weekend to say: ‘Look guys, we respect your right to freedom of speech and right to assembly but now is really not the time, it is too dangerous. Please don’t come, we have got other things we need to do,’” Vaughan said to The Telegraph.

“Instead of giving us a break this weekend they decided to change their tactics and it just smacks of civil disobedience, really,” he said, adding that he was “a bit angry and frustrated with these protesters on Saturday” and claiming that his officers “were acting with utter courtesy and restraint”.

Vaughan’s zero-tolerance attitude towards protesters is very different than what is shown by British police leaders towards Black Lives Matter activists. They have been allowed to break lockdown rules largely unbothered throughout the pandemic.

Chief Constable Vaughan actually admitted to the double standard.

“I think we have taken some shrapnel to be fair. When you look at drones in the Peak District, 90-year-olds being arrested, women walking their dogs getting fined… you have those who say: ‘Nobody seemed to be bothered about Black Lives Matter or Extinction Rebellion protests or statues being thrown in the river,’” he said.

“The other extreme is that you are not doing enough and we are caught between the two really in terms of half the population seem to want us to take a very robust stance and the other half want us to take a proportionate stance so that is always the difficulty,” he explained.

Vaughan also criticized Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic, saying, “I don’t know what the rationale and thinking is in Government around why they have not been more prescriptive with travel guidance.”

“It has been a bit tricky through all three lockdowns. It would probably be better if they said: ‘Look, you can exercise every day but stay local – and unless there are exceptional circumstances we don’t expect you to be traveling a couple of miles from your house.’ We seem to have said ‘stay local’ and that means your village, your town, your part of the city, but it is a bit vague and it leaves it open to abuse,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Police Chief: “Now Is Really Not the Time” for Freedom of Speech”
  1. The First Admendment has been in the Constitution forever and if it is taken away by the Democrats then they are no better than Hitler was in Germany and they should all be Impeached from the White House forever

  2. If anyone believes this remark that “This is not the Time for Freedom of Speech” then the country, our liberty and Bill of Rights has just been flushed down the nearest toilet. The constitution is not a smorgasbord in which we apply its content when it serves a specific political purpose or serves a special group…NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, and that includes 25,000 National Guards that have turned us into the newest Banana Republic. If we allow a few hundred people to destroy 240 years of experience and the rights of 330 Million then maybe this piece of paper is worthless toilet paper? The Socialists left ignored the crimes of BLM and antifa for the past year and none of their looting and burning in 34 cities are being prosecuted…they have all been left off of the hook…But, suddenly we need to arrest a few hundred people and try anyone who entered the House when the Capital police removed the barriers and allowed them in…what nonsense when no one was arrested and thrown in a patty wagon headed for the nearest court. We need to start asking why 400 Capital police were given the day off and why the mayor told the rest of them to “Stand Down” as she refused the help of the National Guard…suddenly Washington has been invaded as the world watches the greatest political system in history succumb to common thugs and criminals. Pelosi and her ilk pretend this has never happened before but she is wrong…in 1932 an equal group of angry Americans attacked the Capital demanding the bonus check promised to them 14 years earlier in WWI in 1918.

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