Boston Marathon Bombing

The man who used an explosive device to kill three people at the 2013 Boston Marathon is now suing the federal government.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, dubbed the Boston Bomber, claims he is being “mistreated” in prison – because his hat was taken away and he’s only allowed three showers per week.

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Tsarnaev was on death row until his death sentenced was overturned in an appeal last July. He is now suing the federal government for $250,000, claiming he is being mistreated. He filed a handwritten lawsuit on Monday, in which he said his treatment at the Colorado prison he is in is “unlawful, unreasonable and discriminatory.”

Tsarnaev, who is now 26, gave examples of guards confiscating a white baseball hat and bandana he was wearing, which he purchased at the prison commissary. He said the items were taken away because “by wearing it, I was ‘disrespecting’ the FBI and victims” that lost their lives.The hat was white, and was very similar to the one he was wearing in a photograph of him placing the bombs at the Boston Marathon. Law enforcement even referred to him as “White Hat” early on in the investigation before they knew his name.

He also said he is only allowed three showers per week, which he claims is causing him “mental and physical decline.”

Tsarnaev’s lawsuit was assigned to a judge who immediately found it deficient because it lacked the $402 filing fee and a “certified copy of prisoner’s trust fund statement.”

The bombs, set by Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Three were killed and over 260 others were injured. A massive manhunt followed the attack, and police were eventually able to identify the two brothers. When police approached them, they began shooting. Tamerlan was killed.

Dzhokhar fled in a nearby vehicle, running over his brother as he lay in the street. He hid in a Massachusetts neighborhood for hours until a homeowner called police about suspicious noises coming from his boat, which was parked in his yard. Dzhokhar was discovered hiding in the boat and was taken into police custody.

He was convicted and sentenced to death. The sentence was reduced to life in prison after an appeal claiming the jury for the trial was not properly screened for potential biases.

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6 thoughts on “The Shocking Reason the Boston Bomber is Suing the Government”
  1. Only in America a man from another country can come here and kill Americans, go to jail and have the right to sue the country for mistreatment in jail. WTF

  2. Funny the people he helped kill can’t take a shower or wear a hat. Why is he still alive my taxes have to pay for this jerk to eat and get free medical and waste the legal systems time Only in America can you kill three people and injure 250 more and think you are supposed to be treated like a model citizen

  3. I hope the courts continue their “no evidence” position with the Boston Bomber’s lawsuit. That kind of ruling might make sense here but it made no sense in the matter of voting.

  4. He needs to spend time writing letters to everyone who was hurt in any way and saying how sorry he is. He doesn’t deserve anything, for what he has done.

  5. Victims should be able to sue him. Instead of money they will accept payment in blood. Exchange rate is one crack with bullwhip for each dollar.

  6. Sadly, it costs far more to execute a man, than it does to keep him in prison for natural life. The rules for “death qualifying” a jury are so stringent that the death penalty is often reversed and is seldom carried out. He is only doing this for the publicity. If he paid for the hat and bandana at the prison commissary, which should be easy to prove, why not return them to him which should end the controversy once and for all.

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