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Man Hires Hit-Men to Kill his Niece, This is Who They Killed Instead

An Acadiana man allegedly raped his niece and then hired a hit on her in hopes she would be killed before she could testify against him in court.

But the two hitmen killed two people, neither of which were the rape victim.

According to reports, two women were shot to death trying to protect the real rape victim and fight off the hitmen.

The incident occurred on January 13 at a home in Montegut, Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish.

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Detective Timothy Soginet said that Breaux Cormier has been arrested for the third-degree rape of a family member. As a registered sex offender, he faces a substantial sentence if convicted.

The sheriff’s office said that Cormier hired Andrew Eskine, 25, and Dalvin Wilson, 22, to murder his niece.

All three men are being held in jail on a $2 million bond. They all face charges in the double killing.

According to Soginet, there was a previous attempt to kill the rape victim, but it was unsuccessful. On the second attempt, Wilson entered the home where he encountered Cormier’s sister. She reportedly told the shooter that she was the rape victim, likely in an attempt to save the real victim.

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