A viral video shows a Tennessee woman being dragged out of a bar by her hair because she reportedly refused to wear a face mask.

The video, taken at the Chattanooga Billiard Club, shows a female security guard dragging Bliss Causby out of the establishment following an altercation between the two.

According to her post on Instagram, Causby says she began questioning the bouncer after being confronted for not wearing a face mask. That’s when the security guard reportedly became “aggressive.”

“She threw me down and dragged me across the bar on the floor like an animal,” Causby said.

The bouncer then allegedly punched and kicked Causby. Causby kicked back in an attempt to free herself. Eventually, Causby’s male friend helped remove her from the security guard before exiting the bar.

“I should’ve called the police but was humiliated and hysterical and just wanted to go home!” Causby said.

Users on Instagram had mixed responses to the video. Some say that the bouncer’s actions were completely uncalled for. Others have little sympathy for Causby since she allegedly refused to wear a mask.

“Play stupid games risking other people’s lives, get thrown out,” one user said.

According to Causby, she was not wearing a mask because she was drinking.

Speaking with WRCBtv, Causby says she suffered numerous injuries as a result of the incident.

“Some hair was pulled out; my face was puffed and swollen,” she said. “My neck hurts. I had horrible bruises on my arm and my back.”

Neither the bar nor the security guard has publicly commented on the matter. Although Causby says she attempted to obtain surveillance video of the incident, the bar reportedly said it would only respond to a subpoena.

The Chattanooga Police Department is currently investigating the incident while Causby says she is in talks with a lawyer.

9 thoughts on “Woman Dragged Out of Bar by Hair for Not Wearing a Mask”
  1. I recommend being safe. No hugging or close contact, however a mask in a bar is ridiculous. I served in the military for 20 years and refuse to give anymore freedom to cake eaters.

  2. “Play stupid games risking other people’s lives, get thrown out,” one user said.”

    Why oh why is the same courtesy availed to the unborn or those who survived an abortion or to the seniors who lost their lives in the nursing homes who were contaminated by covid patients????? Do those lives not matter equally?

    1. I meant not given but I’m sure you get my point. So many lives are taken and wasted not even given a chance and every concern is over a stupid mask that most people aren’t wearing right anyways.

  3. You go girl. Tell the bouncer to shove their mask up their Democratic head hole. Communist can kiss my ass that’s right Biden I’m talking to you , you maggots in Washington stole the presidency from the greatest president America has had in 50 years. Rot in hell Democrats

  4. If a patron has removed a mask in order to consume a drink or eat food then the bouncer is wrong! If the customer has removed the mask just for the purpose of creating a disturbance then the customer is wrong!

  5. From your statement, the security guard should have used less force. But you on the other hand should have worn a mask. I have eaten out and had drank out and knew how to maneuver my mask. If you can’t follow the rules, go to places that allow you to be unmasked (like home!)
    Respect other people’s rights and concerns
    in reference to the virus.

  6. Looks to me like someone looking for money. First of all most places have designated areas for customers to drink without a mask. Why was it only her being victimized ? Looks like she deliberately provoked the affable on herself. Don’t pay her, next time just comply with the rules and put your damn mask on. Let the security do her job who was looking out for the well-being of all the customers that were complying to the club rules.

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