White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered questions this week about the educational status of migrant children that are currently being housed in San Diego.

It was reported this week that children who were being housed by Border Control would be given access to in-person learning in schools. Meanwhile, San Diego students have not had access to in-person learning in over a year.

Fox News’ Kristin Fisher asked White House Secretary Jen Psaki about this discrepancy. She responded by saying, “As I understand it San Diego public schools are opening in early April?”

“Okay, and students will be back in the classroom? And I understand it this is related to—part time—and certainly you know our objective from the White House, opening up five days a week, the majority of schools across the country. And they’re on spring break right now, and this is related to volunteering, or being paid, I’m not even sure you’d have to ask the local school district, over spring break for these migrant kids?” Psaki continued.

Fisher reported that the San Diego County Supervisor, Jim Desmond, said that “I think it’s great that there’s in person learning for unaccompanied minors from Central America. I wish every child in San Diego County was allowed the same opportunity for in person teaching.”

“So I guess the question is, does the White House think this sends the right message to these 133,000 kids in San Diego and their parents who have been stuck at home for the last year?” Fisher then asked.

“Well,” Psaki replied, “I’m just saying that context is important. And these kids are going back to school for hybrid learning. We of course want this to be five days a week and we’re confident we’ll get there early next month.”

8 thoughts on “Biden Allows In-person Learning For Migrant Children But Not US Children”
  1. This “Press Secretary “ seems like a professional double speaker. In other words, she is full of crap. Getting a straight answer is harder than the question being answered honestly. Ok, honesty is not a prerequisite for the majority of people in this position. Giving an answer that makes sense is. Just not over the past couple of months. Here’s the answer, “ yes it is true, our position is that we want votes, we are willing to put the illegal kids before the American kids. By doing so it is our hope that we will make every minority in the country see us as progressive, liberal and open to almost any crazy ideas that get thrown our way. Thus insuring our win in 2022. This concludes our bullshit session for the day. “

  2. Biden is not for American people. He is for every other country but the USA. Him and Harris and all his Democratic Party need to be arrested immediately and prosecuted for all the corruption they have done. Pelosi, Biden, Harris and every single one of the Democrats who were behind the voting fraud all the way down to letting the ones who have broke the law and they let them off but went after the Republicans for things from their past. Military should have already stepped in and taken over but someone is being paid off. This should be another prosecution. The Clintons, Obama’s, Bush’s Winfrey and any other person who was and is involved involved in any wrongdoing in any illegal activities with this group at any time needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

  3. Mary you should investigate your facts. Checking facts you will find the post is not accurate. If anyone was not for the people was Trump. He cared little for workers destroying people’s lives not paying them for work they did. Bought a million dollar painting of himself with charity money. Bankrupted seven times again not paying people. He is now selling hats, t shirts etc. knowing some of his follows will pay. Trump will go down in history as the worse President ever. His actions after losing the votes has destroyed this country causing harm that will take years to correct. The people voted and he lost. Also remember like myself and many other I will not longer support the Republicans. I am now an independent. Trump should have done like all other Presidents before him. SUPPORT THE WINNER. Of course his ego is known causing previous Presidents having no use for him. Supporting Trump tells me his follows agree it is okay to lie, cheat and steal. I will not be one of them.

  4. Question, Is the Biden Administration globalist or America First. With the onset of the US President and new administration, the first priority is open borders, stop the construction of the Border Wall, allow thousands legally, children, then allow more thousands plus to cross over without any screening, background checks, etc, therefore extenuation of the century plus conflict of the border, Central America, and US. Then, allowing the the cartel to complete their task of beholding to. Then, a slow start of the vaccinations, seniors having a hard time to sign up, then eventually get the vaccine, until now, April, 2021. A third stimulus, finally after joint US Congressional efforts. And fifty plus executive orders to undo the prior Administration , President Trump, ie the Gas and Oil pipeline to Canada, therefore the rising of gasoline prices etc. So, now you tell me , Globalist or America First.

  5. Will bidenw be South America’s next president ? I say , let’s impeach him and harris and take back our America before it’s too late!!!!!!

  6. He’s allowing to mini children across the border and who’s paying for these the people in the United States what is the Government on the other side of the border doing to help their own we are poor over here too we can’t run over there and get help we have people living on the streets right here in America who is helping them I get $700
    a month in Social Security out of it I have to pay my $148 to Social Security every month pay my own doctor bills and healthcare bills out $700 a month who is helping me. I have to pay co-pays every time I go to the doctor . Social Security give us our retirement money and takes it all back every month what can president Biden do about that. The border children are getting treated like kings and queens

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