In 1977 a group of British schoolchildren all claimed to have seen a UFO hovering near their school play area during recess. Their teacher asked the children to draw what they saw, and the depictions were so compelling that the drawings were requested from the teacher by Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD)!

The teacher Mrs. Hindmarsh separated the children, so none would copy from the other and asked them to draw what they saw. All of the results were so eerily similar that she gave them to Cheshire police and the case became forever known as the “Close Encounters of a Playground Kind.” The local police forwarded the drawings to the MoD, who later filed them in the Ministry’s UFO archives.

Dr. David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University was working at the MoD when the drawings resurfaced in 2009, and he later used them in a book, UFO Drawings From The National Archives.

Upon rediscovering the kid’s drawing, Clarke said, “When I opened this file, it struck me ­because it was full of crayon drawings by kids from Macclesfield. Kids say all kinds of things, but the teacher must have thought this was something to take seriously.”

Speaking to the London Daily Mirror, Clarke continued, “Then this copper had written a report and sent it to air traffic control in Manchester to see if they had anything on radar. This dossier ended up being sent to the MoD UFO desk. The images are amazing.”

Apparently, the young artists from The Upton Priory School were not the only ones who reported aliens that year of 1977. Children in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, saw a UFO parked up in a field, and others in Anglesey spotted a cigar-shaped UFO as they played netball.

Clarke describes another file involving children he uncovered from that same year as well. In that file, he found drawings and letters sent to the MoD by another group of youngsters and their teacher from North Wales earlier in the year.

“We were playing netball with Mrs. Williams in the yard, and she was showing us how to throw the ball into the net when I saw an object high in the sky.” Writes ten-year-old Gwawr Jones of her UFO experience in a letter addressed to “RAF Valley in North Wales.”

Her letter, endorsed by the teacher, arrived with a collection of drawings showing an identical flying saucer produced by her classmates. “I shouted at the others, and they looked up and saw it,” the young lady’s surprisingly articulate account continued. “It had a black dome on top and a silver cigar-shaped base. It was traveling smoothly across the sky in a northerly direction. It remained in our sight for about 3 minutes. Then it went behind the only cloud in the sky and reappeared again for about 1 minute, then disappeared.”


Do you think most UFOs can be explained? Or are we being visited regularly by aliens? Please reply using the comments below!

11 thoughts on “British Military Interested in Kid’s Drawings of UFOs”
  1. I believe it. I think that they were developing a military type of flying machine and vehicle that might be powered by natural gas.

  2. In 1977 I placed 1/2 of ground beef in tin foil in my freezer and forgot about it. 18 months later it had become completely encased in ice and frost. When i rediscovered it I had no idea what was inside. It had become a UFO ( unidentified frozen object ).

    so sorry

  3. I wouldn’t worry about it. If it was going to cause harm, it would have.
    Besides if the occupants make themselves known, Bonehead Biden will make them citizens!!

  4. Why do we narcissistic humans always think “they are aliens from a distant Star?” There is a ton of photographic, video and eye witness testimony the “UAP’s” (unidentifiable arial phenomena has replaced UFO) and USO’s (unidentifiable submerged objects) go into mountains, underwater caverns and others hard to access locations. Maybe the “aliens” have been Earthlings for millions of years and they laugh at us for living on the Earth’s surface suffering through natural disasters and sun burn???

    1. One thing I know for certain. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DON’T KNOW.
      I believe in God.
      Who knows what he has made or what his plans are?
      How can anyone say, no that’s a bunch of nuts talking. They might be laffing their heads off. Tornadoes, floods,blistering heat. ” THEY ARE FUN TO WATCH. MOSTLY GOOD. DEPENDS ON THE BREED YOU WANT ” DOGS ARE SMARTER THOUGH. !!!!

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