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Former Clinton Aide: Democrats Prepared to Remove Biden from Office

In a stunning interview with Newsmax over the weekend, Dick Morris, former aide to Bill Clinton, said that the Democratic Party has little or no confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to lead. He also said that they are prepared to invoke the 25th Amendment to have him removed from office if he continues to show signs of instability and dementia.

Speaking to Newsmax, Morris said that no other president had been more “missing from the beginning” than President Joe Biden has been in the first month or so of his presidency. He says Democrats will likely end up invoking the 25th Amendment against him to remove him from office long before he completes his four-year term. The former presidential advisor to Clinton made the comments on Newsmax TV.

“Maybe in a few weeks after (Dwight D.) Eisenhower had his heart attack, but certainly, no president has been missing from the beginning,” Morris (also a Newsmax TV host) said during an interview for the network’s weekend show, “The Count.”

He went on to say that Biden’s poll numbers “are not good,” quoting Rasmussen Reports as the “most accurate pollster.” Morris claimed that the company tracked every day of Biden’s first two months compared with former President Donald Trump’s, and “in every one of the 16 polls that were conducted in both administrations, every single one of them, Trump was above Biden.”

The 25th Amendment says that if a president becomes unable to perform his job, then the vice president would take charge with the approval of the Presidential Cabinet. Morris said there are signs that this is in the works.

“There are two signals of that one,” said Morris, pointing out that four Senate Republicans have already sponsored a bill to strip Biden of his “war-making authority.” Before that, 30 Democrats wrote a letter to Biden asking him to relinquish sole authority over the nation’s nuclear codes.

“So that a strike could not be launched without consulting with his Cabinet or with leaders of Congress, something that no president has been asked to do in 76 years since we’ve had the bomb,” Morris said. “I think both of those indicate that the Democrats have in the back of their minds, and increasingly towards the front of their minds, moving to oust Biden under the 25th Amendment.”

Morris also claimed that Biden “has no base” and no political traction, and he concluded the interview by saying, “I think that this is all indicative of a lack of confidence in him, a lack of feeling he’s well enough to make these decisions, and I think the 25th Amendment is not going to be long in coming.”

Morris repeated his thoughts during a radio interview that aired on New York WABC 770 AM, where he said, “…I believe that what’s going on now is that the left-wing of the Democratic Party, particularly some of the minorities, are working on laying the basis for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Biden. And as he gets more and more senile … I think the momentum for that will increase.”

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