Design Foundry, the company that was hired to set up the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida last weekend, has been slammed by “social justice warriors” who claim the stage looked like a Nazi insignia.

The company, based in Hyattsville, Maryland, told the Forward that they “had no idea that the design resembled any symbol, nor was there any intention to create something that did.”

Leftist activists claimed that the CPAC main stage resembled the design of the Odal, also known as Othala Rune, an insignia on some Nazi uniforms.

Images comparing the stage with the Nazi symbol went viral on social media. In response, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, said the comparisons were “outrageous and slanderous” and that the organization had a “long-standing commitment to the Jewish community,” pointing out that the conference featured numerous Jewish speakers.

CPAC said that they will not use the company for future events.

Hyatt Hotels, where the conference was held, released a statement saying the company had addressed the concerns with the event organizers and called the use of such symbols “abhorrent.”

Yashar Ali, New York Magazine and Huffington Post Contributor, wrote in a tweet, “I know Design Foundry because they handle design for many events in DC for companies like MSNBC & Target. They oversaw the design for the Biden Cancer Summit in 2018. The owner, Annie, is very liberal and was so excited for Biden’s victory. Great work conspiracy theorists.”

According to the terms of the contract signed with Design Foundry, the American Conservative Union (ACU) approved the design but was not allowed to change the design or dismantle the stage.

“Design Foundry said that the design was “intended to provide the best use of space, given the constraints of the ballroom and social distancing requirements.”

The company also said that they were “saddened and horrified at the accusations that this was a deliberate act. Design Foundry denounces all hate speech and acts of racism, prejudice, or bigotry in all forms.”

4 thoughts on “Leftists Accuse CPAC of Featuring ‘Nazi Stage’, Design Firm Debunks Claim”
  1. If anybody knows anyting about Nazi symbolism it would be the left because they’re socialists themselves brave Soldiers and Marines and sailors fought like crazy to destroy the Reich and the emperor 219 45 May the sovereignty of God watch down upon us and safeguard us from leftist tyranny.

  2. So, let me get this straight!! Some of the leftists, say that some thing looks like what ever the hell they decide to say it looks like, and a Company that has been doing business for a large number of Events, so the said (“COMPANY THEN LOOSE THEIR CONTRACT BECAUSE, of the LEFTISTS”)!
    WAKE THE HELL UP UP AMERICA???? No body in there right mind would ever use such a EVIL IMAGINE, in the Political World??
    Just because an IDIOT decides to Jump in a Volcano, so every one else should follow the IDIOT, right???? This has got to stop! First Paula Dean, made a remark, 30 yrs ago, and because a rival heard it and wanted to RUIN Paula Dean, the remark was taken out of Context and not used the same way?? Politically Correct, just STOP AND USE YOUR BRAINS, THATS WHY GOD GAVE YOU A BRAIN, to think things though?? First a lot of things were said by a lot of people and politicians, 30 yrs ago, it was a much different time, and words were just words? Now, because every one is trying so hard to be Politically Correct, they are afraid, to say any thing??? Well heres one for all of you idiots??? When it the name of THE WHITE HOUSE going to come under fire??
    It was called the WHITE HOUSE, BECAUSE IT WAS WHITE, if it had been BLACK, RED, BLUE THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED ONE OF THOSE COLORS??? It’s the same thing with History’s STATUES They are they to make us think twice before we repeat the same crap???? JUST GROW THE HELL UP AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE????

  3. You will find what you look for. Unfortunately, the left looks for things to be offended by, and the rest of us pay the price. Personally, I see a square with wings. And a lot of people who maybe should stop looking for reasons to be offended.

  4. Half-way commitment is inadequate. If CPAC is going to discontinue doing business with Design Foundry because the latter’s stage setup suggested to some brilliantly analytical minds the image of an obscure WW2 era collar insignia, then it might be appropriate for the committee’s members to discontinue driving motor vehicles because the round wheels insensitively resemble the circular formations in which Ku Klux Klan members often arranged themselves during that organization’s outdoor gatherings. Neither should it be acceptable to anyone that the CPAC name abbreviation is composed of the same number of letters as the comparable NAZI handle of old. These are hardly coincidences that today’s “woke” students of history can overlook as casually as their clueless contemporaries might. After all, self-esteem is important, and knowledge can be psychologically self-gratifying even when that knowledge is artificial and contrived.

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