In a series of Tik Tok videos that look like they could be straight out of a horror movie, a New York City woman revealed a creepy hidden room she found behind the walls of her apartment!

Samantha Hartsoe was trying to find the source of cold air that was blowing into her Roosevelt Island apartment. She soon found that the air was coming from behind the bathroom mirror. She removed the mirror to find a fairly large square hole in the wall.

“Seriously, never would I have expected to find this … and I documented all of it,” writes Hartsoe in a caption for the first clip, which boasts a staggering 7.4 million views.

In the second clip, part two of her videos entitled “A New York Mystery,” she continued to film as she peered through, finding a dark room on the other side — and a hallway leading to possibly more. She quickly decided she had to go in and see what was in there.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity is going to kill me,” Hartsoe told NBC New York. “I can’t not know what’s on the other side of my bathroom.” After gearing up — complete with a facemask and armed with a hammer — she finds a way to get through the hole, despite some concern from her roommates.

“I have to figure out what’s on the other side of my bathroom,” intones Hartsoe before climbing through a hole in the sheetrock and into the spooky space, leaving the rest of her impromptu “Scooby-Doo” crew on the other side.

Needless to say, TikTok viewers were on the edge of their seats. But, like Al Capone’s vault, the reveal – which came in “Part 4” of Hartsoe’s video – was somewhat anti-climactic. There was no morgue, or a dungeon, evil spirits, or a Book of the Damned beyond the hole. What there was, was a whole other apartment – empty, except for a few trash bags.

As she kept on with her investigation, she found more and more of the unfinished apartment on the other side of the hole. She explored both floors and made sure to lock the front door to the empty apartment, and then Hartsoe returned to go back through the hole into her own apartment.

“Made it out alive,” she says after exiting the space and adding as she replaces her bathroom mirror, “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call tomorrow.”

Since posting the last video, Hartsoe recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where she said that she really hasn’t done much to address the situation yet. She told Ellen that neither she nor her landlord had done anything to secure the mirror or seal the hole between the two units.  When Ellen heard that, she said, “When we finish talking, you should do that! None of it’s comforting, Samantha! If we have time, go put some superglue on that mirror.”

The interview ended with Ellen surprising Hartsoe with a brand-new bathroom setup from her own ED by Ellen lifestyle brand. Hidden behind the mirror she sent along with a new vanity was not a hole but a check for $10k.

“Your story was fantastic,” exclaimed DeGeneres, “seal that mirror!”

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