Manhattan prosecutors have subpoenaed the bank records of the Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into whether the Trump Organization violated state laws has been heating up for some time, and The Times’ report indicates a heightened focus on Weisselberg, who is a longtime confidant of former President Donald Trump.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. has had the Trump Organization in his sights since allegations first surfaced that members of the real-estate company may have helped facilitate illegal hush-money payments in 2016 to women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump in the 2000s.

Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty in 2018 to violating campaign-finance laws while doling out the hush-money payments, which he said were made “at the direction of and with the knowledge of” Trump, who was a presidential candidate at the time. Cohen later testified to Congress that Weisselberg was aware of the payments.

Since then, the DA’s investigation has widened to examine whether the Trump Organization falsely inflated or deflated the value of its properties for loan and tax purposes, respectively. According to The Times, prosecutors subpoenaed Weisselberg’s bank records in an effort to get him to cooperate with their inquiry.

In addition to being the Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, Weisselberg also has a decades-long knowledge of the intricacies of Trump’s financial dealings.

“He knows where the bodies are buried” and is therefore a crucial witness in the investigation, Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor, told Insider in an earlier interview.

Investigators are also pursuing other avenues to get to the CFO. Jennifer Weisselberg, who was married to the elder Weisselberg’s son Barry for 14 years, told Insider’s Jacob Shamsian that she turned over seven boxes of documents that she got in her divorce. Barry Weisselberg also works for the Trump Organization, managing the Wollman ice skating rink in Manhattan.

“They picked up documents many times. They ended up taking seven boxes of my documents and scanning them, going through them,” Jennifer Weisselberg said, adding that “they took depositions, they took checks, routing numbers, bank-account [information], and things like that.”

Vance’s probe has ramped up significantly in the last few months, as Jennifer Weisselberg told Insider. And in February, prosecutors notched a major victory when the Supreme Court forced the former president to hand over thousands of pages of his financial information to the DA’s office.

“They mean business now,” one source told The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer. The person believed Vance’s investigation had stagnated while Trump was in office and prosecutors were fighting a court battle to get his taxes. But now, the source told Mayer, prosecutors’ questions have become “very pointed – they’re sharpshooting now, laser-beaming.”

Vance’s investigation is one of several state and federal investigations looking into various aspects of the former president’s dealings. The New York attorney general is also scrutinizing the Trump Organization, while two grand juries in Georgia’s Fulton County are looking into whether the Trump campaign tried to manipulate the 2020 election results in the state.

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  1. What Else is NEW? Nazi’s don’t need fact or truth.

    The want to keep him from Running for President in 2024.

  2. Do not care, why not focus on Biden’s behavior and his son Hunter they will not, because you have to destroy President Trump get him out of the picture. He won the election, I do not care about past affairs, he did his job as President well. This is just another witch hunt to try to discredit the President. He won this election and the illegitimate Biden was put in office. 80 million people voted for Trump he won, you are just trying to commit character assassination. Second point, if all this is true and the Dems would of already released it, just like his taxes and as a voter I do not think it is any one’s business regarding taxes, I could care less if a Presidential candidate releases their Taxes or not. Get over, this is just another rabbit hole because you hate Trump and We the People Love Trump! Like I said, Dems would of already released this during the campaign, you all are trying to distract from the fact that Biden is a bumbling idiot and an illigitimate president. So go ahead losers keep the misinformation and character assassination going. Trump is and will be the legitimate President he is my President and the 80 million that voted for him, not the fake Biden who cheated stole the election and the office.

  3. Well, I guess they just opened a Pandora’s box because now, we can investigate the investigators and prosecutors and sue them for billions each!

  4. Leave President Trump alone. He won the 2020 election. Polosi and her puppets have faulsly accused him of everything I believe they themselves are guilty of. The Biden administration are a true and present danger to the United States of America. They deserve prison time for what they are doing to our country.

  5. Why can’t they leave Donald Trump alone!! This country is going to hell in a hand basket since he left the presidency with 4 years of hell fighting every inch of the way against the establishment of career politicians who care nothing about this country except what they can suck out of it for their own pockets. They let our great cities be burned and plundered over the death of a career felon!! There was no knee on the neck that caused his death but all the drugs he took so the police wouldn’t find them on him. Since when do we revere lifetime felons and kill those that protect us and call for defunding the police!!! Now, Biden is calling all of the illegal criminals back to our country and wanting to fund them with our tax dollars. How about the career politicians digging into their deep pockets and paying for all of the illegals entering our country! Pelosi had dementia before Biden even entered the picture! Between Biden, heels up and Pelosi there’s not enough gray matter to run a vacuum cleaner let alone the United States of America!!

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  8. I believe NY. Is trying to get the most money they can where they can. Because the State is hurting badly for income. Being all their rich people have moved out of NY. I think think it’s all bull. So what every businessman looks for loopholes to keep their money as much as possible. I believe Trump paid his dues during the 4 years as president of the United States. And putting up the the crap dems. Throw at him.

  9. It’s tragic that the greatest President in more than 100 years is being treated like garbage by these socialist/communist political hacks.
    This country needs to wake up to what is happening right in front of our eyes! Semper Fi !

  10. Disbar the anti Trump lawyers that are smearing him again to try and find a crime to pin on him again! You lawyers are a total disgrace of the human race! Get a life we the people are sick and tired of your type of people!!

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