A private school in Manhattan has sent out recommendations to staff, students, and parents telling them not to use words like “mom and dad” and “Merry Christmas” because they “make assumptions” about students’ home lives.

Grace Church School in NoHo — which has a yearly tuition of over $57,000  — released a 12-page “inclusive language” guide that they believe will eliminate “harmful assumptions” from communication and make the campus a more “welcoming and inclusive” place.

The school suggests that instead of saying “mom,” “dad,” or “parents,” people should use words like “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family,” and “guardians.”

And instead of saying “boys and girls,” “guys,” or “ladies and gentlemen,” students should say “people,” “folks,” “friends,” and “readers.”

“Families are formed and structured in many ways. At Grace Church School, we use inclusive language that reflects this diversity. It’s important to refrain from making assumptions about who kids live with, who cares for them, whether they sleep in the same place every night, whether they see their parents, etc.,” the school’s guide says.

The guide also says that “human sexuality exists along a spectrum” and that faculty, students, and parents should “avoid making assumptions about how adults identify themselves in the present or how children might identify themselves in the future” because “sexuality can be fluid along the course of a person’s life.”

The document also advises against “assuming gender based on stereotypes” and using boy/girl patterns for school functions, such as lining up outside of the class.

“Using gender-inclusive language can provide critical affirmation to students across the gender spectrum,” the school says.

After negative press about the guide, the school’s administrator, George Davison, issued a statement saying, “At Grace, we understand the power of language both to include and to cause alienation. We also know that it is our job to give community members resources to allow them to make informed and generous choices.”

He also said that the guide does not ban any language, it just “give[s] us all words to use that will bring people together.”

“So if the boorish ‘cancel culture’ press wants to condemn us a newly dubbed ‘Woke Noho’ school of politeness, dignity and respect, then I embrace it, and I hope you will too,” he added.

22 thoughts on “School Tells Kids Not to Use Words ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Because They’re Not ‘Inclusive’”
  1. There or only male and female, mom and dads , this world has decided to change but it is WRONG! May GOD help these ignorant ungodly people! I will never bow down nor allow schools or a church of any denomination or government to teach our kids this insane teachings!

  2. I’m a retired doctor and I can tell you there is a district difference between boys and girls and men an women. If a man chooses to have an operation to change that he may do so. But don’t be offended if it confuses people. People mispronounce my name all the time. So what? Be polite and not demanding.

  3. At $57,000 tuition per child, I hope lots of moms and dads find another school to send their children…Merry Christmas’

  4. What a super size load of bullshit!!!! I was proud to have my MOM and DAD. My kids called us mom and dad and my grandson calls us Nana and Poppy. Screw these A-holes!!!

  5. Just read about the private school in Manhattan. Wondering how inclusive the school really is with an annual tuition of $57,000. This is an insult to all of the people whom are in relationship with children that call them Mom and Mom or Dad and Dad or even Mom and Dad. I guess someone had to stay awake all night to think this one up!





  7. that school can shove their rules
    There are ONLY 2 Sexes Man and Woman
    My DAUGHTER will call me DAD and my WIFE MOM
    My Daughter WILL NOT SHOWER WITH BOYS who THINK they are GIRLS

    The gays and trans people can do they they want in THEIR home,,, but THEY ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME

  8. Talk about excluding people, what are you doing to the children from conventional families? You are making them feel as if having a male father and a female mother is somehow wrong and they shouldn’t acknowledge them as such. Are all humans to become( it’s) to satisfy the new woke generation? This has gotten way out of hand and has to stop!

  9. Leave language the way it is mom and dad is appropriate if people wants to be he she or he she let them be it you guys are ruining the world not helping it it’s respectful to call your parents mom and dad merry Christmas will always be used by me and if you don’t like it don’t listen what are you going to do change Easter mind your own business and leave things along learn respect learn responsibility learn kids how to work not computer learn math writing reading like should be not schools tell you how to talk

  10. I wouldn’t spend one cent for my child to attend this school. I do not believe in cancel culture. I will say mom, dad, Son, daughter, Aunt, Uncle, niece, nephew, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever I believe in or feel like saying. If someone has a problem with it I really don’t care. Go crawl in your safe space and get over it. I’m not letting anyone take my rights away because they are offended. Kids should be taught how to read and write. The schools are not their parents. They don’t have the right to teach them about sex or convince that child that they are a girl if that child was born a boy. A parent should not have to worry about sending their son or daughter to school and having that child brain washed by the teachers. Wake up America and protect our children.

  11. It’s not insanity; it’s self-righteous elitism running wild. “The sexually different pair of people who brought me into this world and nurtured me to adulthood” would be disappointed had I chosen not to call them Mama and Papa. But, then, they weren’t woke, intellectually privileged modernists, and they unfortunately existed at that dark time before special love for their own offspring, family, friends and neighbors was at long last recognized as narrow-minded racism and xenophobia. I thank the Lord (Oops, I mean those forces of nature that were responsible for accidentally creating the universe and its inhabitants) that I live during these progressive times when wise and warmhearted socialist control advocates have the situation more firmly under control. Mom and Dad, NO. Legal custodians of humans not yet old enough to pay taxes and vote, YES.

  12. Every mother and father whose child attends that school should get their kid out of that school as fast as possible. I can’t begin to imagine what they are teaching those kids. Nobody has the right to tell my son or daughter they shouldn’t call me dad or their mother mom.

  13. I was looking for the worst institution for learning and have now found it. Imagine paying $57000 a year for such ignorance. I dare wonder what my Mom and Dad would say? On the other hand I’m sure they’ve both already rolled over in their grave so that people like that could kiss the ire asses.

  14. You sir have no right to be teaching children this. Y’all need to break out your Bible again & learn right from wrong as it teaches, especially the Commandments. Good only created 2 genders. Politicians created the rest b

  15. Why should we be surprised? This school is the farthest thing from being Christian, church (except maybe in the WOKE thinking) or right. It has bought into the insanity of the times. It won’t change unless the administrator (George Davidson) gets fired or released. It’s sad to say, but the parents who sends their children to this school must be in agreement with this happening or they would take action to stop it. They would, in uncertain terms, take action. This has to be done all over this great nation in order to stop the stupidity and get control of pour schools and universities back to teach the true basics (3 rs and h). The people must respond!

  16. Wow! I think this school is out of touch at that tuition rate to OFFEND the majority of Mom’s and Dad’s out there. Yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Only idiots would allow their kids to be taught this nonsense for that price. People are free to do what they like, but if you are a man wanting to be a woman, or vice versa, please don’t tell us that is how most of the world works, it’s like the tail wagging the dog, PLEASE! The more they do this, the more the MAJORITY of us will IGNORE this insanity. So MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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