As Donald Trump emerged for his first major public appearance at the CPAC conference this past weekend, the former president and still de facto leader of the Republican Party was met with overwhelming support.

“We’re ready for President Trump to come back,” Marthamae Kottschade, a supporter of President Trump, said. “We want to see our President, and I say our President, meaning the people’s President.”

Trump established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the GOP even as he tore into Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history,” Trump said, calling the new administration “anti-jobs, anti-families, anti-border, anti-energy, anti-women and anti-science.”

Trump drilled into Biden mainly for going soft on immigration and rolling back many of his policies that were put in place to keep dangerous numbers of immigrants surging across our southern border.

“It took the new administration only a few weeks to turn this unprecedented accomplishment into a self-inflicted humanitarian and national security disaster,” he said. “In one short month, we have gone from America First to America Last.”

In his speech which drew rousing applause from those in attendance, the former president also said his intention was not to create a new political party but to “fix” the Republican party, calling out by name those he considered “RINOs” who had betrayed him and GOP principals.

“We’re not starting new parties. You know — they kept saying, ‘He’s going to start a brand new party,'” Trump said. “We have the Republican Party. It’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before.”

He continued, “I am not starting a new party,” Trump said. “That was fake news. Fake news, no. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s start a new party, and let’s divide our vote so that you can never win. No, we’re not interested in that.”

In the speech, Trump went on to criticize Biden’s “surrender of America to Mainland China.”

Prior to the landmark speech – basically the first of a perceived 2024 presidential campaign for Trump -a CPAC poll found that the majority of attendees were in favor of a Trump run in 2024.

“For the next four years, the brave Republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical Democrats, the fake news media, and their toxic cancel culture,” Trump continued. “And I want you to know that I am going to continue to fight right by your side.”

12 thoughts on “Trump Makes His Big Return”
  1. What a dam liar and dictator Trump is. Getting all the Republicans riled up again with his stupid lie. And talking about joe Biden so bad. I would say Trump cancelled more things then joe could ever think of doing. Trump only cancelled everything Obama did. And Joe cancelled everything that was hurting America. Like the climate change. Now the golden man wants to fix it where half of Americans won’t beable to vote. How un American is that. Taking away our rights that is in the constitution. Of coarse him and the republicans broke so many of the constitutional rights in the last four years. I’m amazed that we are able to try and overturn that and try like hell to get our democracy back. Trump is a threat to our nation and democracy. And he’s taking the republicans with him down the nasty drain. And I can’t wait til we can flush it.

  2. I wish you would make the Companies using your & Tom Brady’s Names to quit using your Names to steal $$$ from tricking us out of our money….they have charged me for CBD
    stuff I declined for $198.78 & threatened me . I’m a Loyal TRUMP SUPPORTER & 84 years old & an Intercessor.

  3. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AMERICA! I warned all who would listen several years ago that we were headed for a





  4. We need Trump back no’s we can nog wait till 2024 there will nog bd an america bb then
    Please get trump back in office now before we have to start flying the damn China flag

  5. I believe in Former President Trump! I also believe that he won the election, and the DEMS, used software to be reprogramed to,
    Skew the out come! Any person on this Plant Earth, with half a brain, knows damn well that Trump was the winner! Biden, is not the President right now, as Obama and ExAttorney General Bill Barr, or how could a man like Biden in his condition get that many Executive Orders, written in such a short time???? The People of AMERICA need to WAKE THE HELL UP!! The way things are going in the USA, is heading for another Civil War! The DEMS do not care about the Real people of the USA, they are Power hungry?? The SWAMP NEEDS TO BE DRAINED, and along with that any REPUBLICAN, that stuck multiple knifes in President Trump’s Back? Attorney General Bill Barr, working for Biden in secret, before he was finally fired?? His ADIN that did not stick it out to the end calling quits, and then VP Mike Pence this was the worst move on a Republican’s part, in this whole ruse?? What were they afraid of, that they turned??
    (“WE THE PEOPLE”) Know full well, that President Trump won, and the Democrats CHEATED? There is no way a man running for President, lived in his basement no real rallies, won this election? Now, look at the amount of people that came to the Capital to here President Trump! The DEMS had a plan to break into the Capital, and blame it all on President Trump?? Well it wasn’t the (“TRUMPETERS”) that broken in, it was a well planned attack? Why would this Country want what Biden is doing to it?? This is why I believe that Obama, is the master and Biden the Puppet on a string!! These ideas to open the Southern Boarder, and possibly bring more sick people into Our Country, during a PANDEMIC, is the dumbest idea in History?? Our Boarders are closed, as not to add more of a burden to Our Already Taxed Country!! We are that even healed yet!! Now, Small Businesses, can hardly make a living and keep their employee’s Pain, and they want to raise minimum wages to $15. Dollars an hour, if these small businesses can even stay open, so, lets shut down the pipe line, that would be cheaper, for Americans who are already taxed, with just keeping their homes and food on the table??? Let me get this right, the DEMS, can not get stimulus checks out like Biden said he would do first thing, with asking every one to wear masks for a hundred more days, (which people are already doing), to checks, to speech telling every one to wear the masks for the hundred days? But, they can shut down a oil pipe line that would help the American people recover just a little; then they open the Southern Boarder to more aliens, that are possibly sick with the COVID-19 Virus when the American People are struggling, them selves to get over it and to get the Vaccines shots, that will now be even more taxed; they are going back to snuggling up to China and North Korea and who ever else they made there bad deals; they Keep Seniors on the lowest income in the World and then they want to take away their MEDICARE; PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN WHY ANY ONE THINKS THAT WE WANTED OUR COUNTRY IN SHAMBLES?? Every one of the So called NEWS REPORTS, were reporting that Trump was going to make a new party? Why would he do that, when for the first time since I have been born the REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE ACTUALLY UNITED FOR ONCE??? Thats because of President TRUMP, to BROUGHT AMERICA BACK TO HER GREAT SELF? The Republicans git a very good look at how all of Our lives would be if he was still President??? He did not lie to us, he told us he would do and HE DID WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO, WHEN HE GOT IN OFFICE AND HE DID MORE FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HE WASN’T TAKING FROM US HE WAS ACTUALLY GIVING IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF THE GOVT???? No President in 68 yrs that I have lived has ever done what he said he would do???? Now, Tell me again WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN???
    THE NEWS MEDIA AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKS, BETTER QUIT CENSORING ME ANY MANY OTHERS! The last time I checked we still have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, AND TGE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS?? Thats why I said that there is going to be a civil war right here in America! We as citizens are tired of being pushed down and held down by Our income of Social Security??

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