A prisoner who escaped from a Nevada jail 27 years ago is back in US custody after being captured in Mexico, according to the Nevada Department of Corrections and the US Marshals Service.

52-year-old Samuel Avalos-Gallardo was found living in Nayarit, Mexico. He was arrested in January 2020.

Now, after a lengthy extradition process, he is back in the custody of the Nevada Department of Corrections to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

He was sentenced to a 40 years in prison after he drunkely drove his car the wrong way onto an interstate ramp and collided head-on with another vehicle in 1992, killing the 18-year-old driver and seriously injuring two passengers.

Avalos-Gallardo was less than a year into his term in February 1994 when the Department of Corrections says he walked away from a group of inmates while working on a Division of Forestry fire crew.

His capture was a joint effort involving the Nevada Department of Corrections, the Department of Homeland Security, the Mexican government and the US Marshals Service.

10 thoughts on “Fugitive who Escaped 27 Years Ago and Fled to Mexico is Back in US”
  1. I realize that this was a horrible thing that he did, However, This man was just in his early twenties, and as for as I know was his first offence this was a horrible price for this young man to pay. Something just tells me that this this young man has suffered enough, regrets what he has done, and should be pardoned and given another chance t live a normal life

    1. What about the life he took?, what about her family, NOW there are no Grandchildren . Put his a$$ in jail for the rest of his term.

    2. Murdered one, injured two, served less than a year of a forty year sentence and has SUFFERED ENOUGH? The only persons who could say that would be the family of the dead and the people that he hurt. If you care about him put some money in his canteen account because he has a long time coming now. Forty years plus whatever he gets for escaping from prison. He can go back to Mexico in his nineties.

  2. Driving while intoxicated is extremely common among the culture of those from Mexico. I worked as a nurse in a level I trauma center in southern Arizona. Seen the intoxicated drivers, those injured or killed by them, the pictures of vehicles full of empty beer cans (seeing photos of the scene lets trauma personnel see the damage to the vehicle which helps indicate physical injury to drivers and/or occupants of those vehicles. They do not care if they put others at risk. Common phrase heard in the trauma room “Bud Light for me.” Anheuser Busch products are a favorite of this population.

  3. I guess under the Harris / Biden administration he will get-off without serving any time for his good behavior while in Mexico. With Harris running things he will probably great reparations from the US since the US made him run-away in the first place. Just watch as this unfolds.

  4. Quote: “Now, after a lengthy extradition process, he is back in the custody of the Nevada Department of Corrections to serve out the remainder of his sentence.” This means that it is not illegal in Nevada to escape prison. Only 39 more years and he will be out again – that is if they don’t give him gain time for good behavior.

  5. He wasn’t even in his first year of a 40-year prison term and some lunkhead let him out on a work detail? Was this jerk related to that really stupid state’s attorney Kim Foxx?
    He should serve the remaining time with Gallardo.

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