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A British Vogue article is being criticized for asking, “Is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism?”

The author of the article suggested that people should consider the “current climate emergency” before having a baby, even though she herself has given birth and said she would happily bring another human into the world.

“For the scientifically-engaged person, there are few questions more troubling when looking at the current climate emergency than that of having a baby,” Nell Frizzell wrote in the fashion magazine. “Whether your body throbs to reproduce, you passively believe that it is on the cards for you one day, or you actively seek to remain child-free, the declining health of the planet cannot help but factor in your thinking.”

Frizzell claimed that before she got pregnant she “worried feverishly about the strain on the earth’s resources that another Western child would add,” including the food he ate and the electricity the baby would use.

Despite her fears, Frizzell got pregnant and brought another person into the world.

“And yet, like millions of others, I did it anyway,” Frizzell said. “I had a baby. I’d have another if my partner agreed.”

Frizzell tried to justify her decision to have a child by saying everyone who has a baby needs to be “learning to live within our environmental means, of turning away from the fever of consumerism and overturning a political system that rewards a tiny rich minority at the expense of everyone else.”

Human Progress, an organization that presents evidence from individual scholars, academic institutions, and international organizations to show “dramatic improvements in human well-being throughout much of the world,” challenged Frizzell’s argument.

“Children do not strain the world’s resources,” the Cato Institute-linked organization wrote on Twitter. “In fact, the opposite is true: each new child is correlated with an increase in resource abundance.”

The article received backlash from others as well.

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain responded to the piece by saying, “NOT TODAY SATAN!”

Insider columnist Josh Barro wrote, “These people are completely insane. This is an issue for your therapist, not for a major fashion magazine.”

Political commentator Liz Wheeler said in a tweet, “This is crazy. If you don’t have a baby, that won’t do a THING to impact the climate. But you’ll deprive yourself of the greatest joy you’ve ever known… & the world a new soul. Plant a tree. Go to church. Stop voting for Democrats. And have a baby.”

Evolutionary psychologist and professor Gad Saad responded sarcastically, saying, “I apologize to @GretaThunberg, to @AOC, and to @JohnKerry for having had children. I will try to starve them to offset their carbon footprint. Again, my apologies. I’ll do better.”

One Twitter user even joked, “Did Thanos write this?”

10 thoughts on “Vogue Magazine Says Having a Baby Is “Environmental Vandalism””
  1. Sound familiar? Reeks of the Eugenics movement and how the Nazis came to be. Beyond the obvious questionable morality the entire concept is foolishly short sighted. In less than a hundred years we’ve come from having electricity in our homes to interplanetary space travel and we are moving at a more rapid pace every decade. My grandfather barely recognized the world before his passing and I at sixty am already having trouble understanding the world and its changes today. In fifty years we are surely going to be needing all the human beings we can find to begin our lives on another world. Once we have a stable colony we will inevitably look for another and then another. The sky is literally the limit. So rant on and continue trying to impress yourself with your deep thoughts that only occur to self involved elitist liberal morons like yourself. Here’s a thought. Instead of writing unadulterated tripe consider picking up a book and reading about where this type of thought leads. Start with Nazi Germany and see how that worked out. Moronic self indulgent nonsense. Clearly this writer has far too much free time on their hands. I have a solution for those who keep claiming we as a species are Nad for the planet. It’s simple just get off. Don’t tell others your concerns and what they should do to fix the problem. Simply put tge gun in your mouth and end yourself. One less strain on the planet. Right? No of course you meant others because you’re one of those who thinks right. See how this ends and how quickly that type of thought turns evil. Yep I thought so. You’re not ready to put your words into action if it involves yourself. Go straight to hell and do not collect $200

  2. I’ll bet she uses “disposable” diapers instead of cloth, jarred baby food (as opposed to making her own) & formula (instead of breastfeeding). THOSE changes would/should help assuage her feelings of “guilt” over having another beautiful child. What an idiot!

  3. Breeding should be a privilege, not a right. Unless you can afford to deliver, feed, clothe, shelter, and educate the child, you should not breed!

  4. Oh come on!!!!!! Would God tell us to go forth and reproduce if it was a dangerous thing????? There is plenty of land and food to accompany all who are ever born. This is just a myth and lie and global warming is bunk!!!! Sounds like bill and Melinda Gates philosophy of depopulation and control. “ Children are a BLESSING of the Lord” the Bible teaches us. God knows how many people are going to be born already. “ I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb is also another biblical teaching. It’s so sad that so many are re ignorant and clueless about God and his Holy Bible. If everyone read and studied the Bible and followed the teachings, this world be be the most wonderful place to be. if we loved the Lord and loved our neighbor there would be no more problems or trouble ….BUT there are atheists who refuse to consider this TRUTH unfortunately. They had rather mock and jeer and fault find! Thus, mankind is imperfect! AMEN!

  5. The less children these people have the better off we will be only people who really want a baby and will love and care for them should have them.

  6. UHHH . . . NOPE. That’s not what GOD said about YOUR ‘climate change crisis” HOAX. GOD says that it is a LIE, and that ALL lives born are from HIM. And, HE does not bring this so called “environmental vandalism”. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

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