14 Arrested After Child Assaulted at Antifa March

14 Arrested After Child Assaulted at Antifa March

  04 May 2021

Seattle Police officers have arrested 14 Antifa militants during their annual May Day protest during which they committed various crimes, including the assault of a young child.

The group started their march at 2 pm after meeting at Seattle Central College on Capitol Hill, the same jurisdiction where BLM protesters occupied a six block radius of the city last summer to create the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

Antifa started marching down Pike Street, and once they turned down Olive Way, they confronted someone who was filming the march with their child.

The group then began to assault the person who was filming, as well as the child. The incident led to SPD officers following the group closely behind for the rest of the march.

“This group has committed multiple crimes and just recently assaulted a small child. This is unacceptable behavior. We are signaling that person out and when it’s safe and feasible, that person will be taken into custody,” the Seattle Police Department announced through an LRAD.

“We respect the right to free speech but criminal behavior will not be tolerated,” the department continued.

Antifa continued their march down to Pike Place Market, a popular tourist area of Seattle.

While at Pike Place, the group assaulted police officers and threw water bottles at them.

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The group continued marching their way back to Capitol Hill where they threw lit flares into busy roadways. One of the flares landed in a bush and almost caught the bush on fire along with nearby vehicles.This incident led to multiple arrests on Broadway.

From there, the group marched into Cal Anderson Park, former location of the CHAZ. When they arrived, Antifa militants assaulted more individuals which led to multiple arrests. The three individuals were arrested for assault and obstruction.

During an arrest at Cal Anderson, an individual claimed he was “choked” and couldn’t breathe as he resisted arrest. Medics came to help but found no threat to his life. As Seattle police officers carried out the detained individual, he started coughing on them. This is a new tactic by Antifa activists aimed at making police think they might be exposed to Covid-19.

The Seattle Police Department reported that during the May Day marches, “demonstrators threw bottles, rocks, paint, paint-filled eggs, regular eggs, and an unidentified liquid in a plastic zippered bag at officers.”

The SPD also reported that the individuals arrested committed various different crimes, including assault, obstruction, resisting arrest, malicious mischief, pedestrian interference, reckless driving, and property destruction.

12 thoughts on “14 Arrested After Child Assaulted at Antifa March

  1. You need to get rid of the mayor, Governor, and all democrats law, makers. After that takedown ANTIFA with extreme prejudice using deadly force if need be. It’s time to take back the country from these Nazies and the commie BLM.

  2. why can’t we just treat antifa and blm as official terrorists and enemies of our country and deal w them appropriately? it is not right that scum like this impacts normal people

  3. Sadly there is no answer to this problem. The obvious fix would be arrest, prosecut,and incarcerat. Of course VP Harris and the rest of the SWAMP will bail them out and they will never see jail. The resolution is for Patriots to rise up and Squash this Rebellion by Any Means Necessary!

  4. All of them be arrested and put in 23hr with 1hr out of cell. No Bail until trail. That how they treat Donald Trump supporters. It’s should be the same for BLM.

  5. That’s the purpose of wearing Masks? For Millions to slide through our Borders, fill Democrats runned Cities. March Violently, causing Honest Americans to leave their Homes. Then “MORE ANTIFA’S” comes to take their place. Americans are Scared because Democrats doesn’t Prosecute BLM Marches/Riots Violent Destructions & Crimes? But notice: One time at White House? Full punishment of the “LAWS” (Only for Republicans?)

  6. Wait a minute! SEATTLE POLICE made arrests? That’s a joke right? Portland and Seattle police don’t make arrests. They allow crimes and call it ‘the summer of love’ and watch people and property being assaulted. Isn’t that right? This must be a hoax. Everyone knows SPD doesn’t make arrests because they don’t know how!!!

  7. ANTIFA is nothing but a communist terrorist organization. Anyone who has studied Socialism, Marxism, and Communism understands this truth. They should be labeled as terrorists, convicted, and sent to GITMO like other terrorists.

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