Creepy Video Leaked Showing Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

Creepy Video Leaked Showing Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

  26 May 2021

Even though it’s almost coming on two years since his death, Jeffrey Epstein and his actions while alive remain one of the great mysteries of our time. The billionaire financier had a more than seedy past and was awaiting trial for heinous sex crimes.

There has been much speculation around who he was involved with while alive and even questions around his death. One of these mysteries involves the island he owned where it’s reported a number of crimes were committed. The island is off-limits right now, but a video has surfaced from people who snuck on and documented what is still going on there.

The video of the island owned by Jeffrey Epstein is making its rounds on YouTube. The video is an extended cut with more footage of a pair of young gentlemen who snuck onto the island in 2020 to see what was happening there following Epstein’s death. It’s a grainy video and some of the audio is redacted.

While not overtly creepy, it gets more so when considering the context of the area and what the place had been for Epstein while still alive. There’s a note in the video that the island still has workers living on it and there might even be an armed guard presence as well.

As the gentleman walks around the island, sometimes at a run so as not to be caught, they stumble on a couple of things. First, they are able to dismiss the rumor that some of the exterior buildings had been used as tunnels into the main entrance. Some had said Jeffrey Epstein would use these to bring people secretly onto the island.

The video shows that these are nothing more than electrical box junctions, though the video does point out that it looks like another box was added following Epstein’s death.

Then the pair make their way to part of the main house, a painted structure that has the initials “JE” painted on the side. This presumably is for Jeffrey Epstein and meant to prove that they were, in fact, on the right island.

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For the 13 minutes video, much of it is just the pair running around, making sure to evade anyone who might stumble on them and to show that the island is still somewhat functional.

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire financier while alive, running with some of the richest and most powerful people in the United States. But prior to his death, he’d been arrested on sex trafficking charges stemming from years of illicit activities on this island. Federal authorities had identified more than 30 women and younger girls he was said to have abused.

The conspiracy theories ramped up around Jeffrey Epstein when he died in his jail cell in August of 2019 by suicide. He was found hanging in his cell and some speculated that a deeper controversy was afoot here.

Whether that’s the case or not may never be proven. What is true is that he had this island in question and there are those who are still interested in finding it and uncovering any secrets it may hold. While this video doesn’t show as a ton, it does still come off as very creepy because of the background about the place.


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