Allies of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), a prominent Trump critic who now argues he’s trying to save the Republican Party, are launching a new advocacy group — this includes former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The group and a sister super PAC will boost Kinzinger’s political brand, help insulate him from primary challenges next year and be able to boost like-minded politicians elsewhere in the country.

  • The congressman has drawn the wrath of the Trump faithful over his vote to impeach the former president and persistent criticism of the party’s embrace of election conspiracy theories.
  • Kinzinger is an Air National Guard pilot who has flown missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Keep Country First Policy Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, plans to “use both earned and paid media to drive the national narrative on key issues,” according to a memo on its launch shared with Axios on Wednesday.

  • It also hopes to “build a grassroots army” that it can activate in support of a centrist policy agenda to “improve political dialogue and reestablish faith in our institutions.”
  • The group’s board includes two former Republican members of Congress: Virginia’s Barbara Comstock and Florida’s Tom Rooney.
  • Republican consultant Mario Castillo also will have a board seat.

We want to begin the process of restoring faith in our institutions by advocating for the sort of commonsense policies that will give the average American hope that the federal government can put their interests first,” Comstock said in a statement about the group’s launch.

The nonprofit’s launch comes shortly after Kinzinger allies unveiled a super PAC designed to support Republicans who break ranks with the party’s Trump-aligned mainstream.

  • Kinzinger is among the most prominent of that bloc. It also includes Rep. Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican who was booted from House leadership last week over her criticism of Trump’s role in fomenting January’s siege on the U.S. Capitol.
  • Both are facing primary challengers firmly aligned with Trump and determined to purge the party of his critics.

Trump remains the unquestionable leader of the GOP. But his internal critics include some of the party’s top donors.

  • These new Kinzinger-aligned groups will allow deep-pocketed Trump critics to finance a political apparatus that can help shield like-minded elected officials from the former president’s wrath — and that of his many allies.
  • Both the super PAC and the nonprofit can accept unlimited contributions.
  • That far exceeds the $5,800 per-cycle maximum each donor can give to a federal political campaign.
20 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Fundraising for Anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger”
  1. This article gave me no idea what your important platform issues are other than your no support for our former President.
    I give Paul Ryan much credit for loss of Gop majority–I did not see hardly any inspiration in his very important role as
    speaker of house. What a tremendous loss t hat was.
    I came to support Trump because of his major conservative platforms- -not his personal ego irritations. He knows how to
    blow his trumpet on important issues to really get our attention. He has left a tremendous record of accomplishments even
    though much has been cancelled by our present disaster leader.

    1. Paul Ryan should be forced to pay back all the money he made in congress and give it to the Republican Party. He certainly didn’t represent it, and was another sour grape candidate, because he and old Mitt lost an election to a man who had no political experience.
      Wake up politicians. We want people who support America First!!!

  2. That’s the Ryan I know. RINO to the core and you scumbag RINOs have to stick together. The Republicans don’t trust you and the Democrats don’t want you.
    Just go and bury your heads and the rest of your bodies in the sand. Better yet, just bury yourselves in the trash heaps that you and your kitchen and are creating. Oh and please take Liz Chaney with you.

    1. Great answer, I totally agree with you. That horrible Paul jerk Ryan is making a fortune behind closed doors at Fox New. He is a total disgrace and President Trump will eat him alive! Get lost useless Ryan we have NO respect for you whatsoever

  3. Call Ryan has pack Kenzie’s highway with his fudge Paul Ryan is a homosexual like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

  4. Who would of thunk,another rhino traitor,that we finally kicked to the curb, but not soon enough. Now the incompetent,traitor got a job with fox, and turned theminto CNN.This joker is going to help his buttbuddy,another traitor, for re=election,I don’t think so. All rhinos removed from party, as soon as possible,no prisoners.

  5. Everyone knows of ryan’s ilk. No one likes him because he is a RINO POS! Don’t see him being any mover or shaker in the BACK STABBIBG POS kinzingers platform. I think ryan will cause kinzinger to lose his seat, at least I hope so. The republican party needs to get rid of these RINOS. They are the cause of all this BS the party is going through. No backbone and definitely are not for the republican party. They always side with the democRAT party, I guess because the pay offs are much better. UNAMERICAN COMMUNIST TRAITORS!

  6. Well that figures!! Two rinos in concert. Maybe one day they will realize that the American people want someone as president who puts America First.

    1. The “new Kinzinger-aligned group” which includes Paul Ryan are ALL RINOs. —- I’m glad to know who they all are so I DO NOT contribute one cent to their campaigns. Thank you PR!!!

  7. Ryan, your were a failure in Congress and a fake conservative. Your endorsement fosters Democratic votes. It is too soon to come out with super weak endorsements for Republican votes since your history of failure in supporting our ideals. And I am an independent voter with basic conservative leanings.

  8. if Paul Tyan believes he is of any importance he is sadly mistaken .We stand with Trump !!! He is the only one who actually made a significant change and gave the people hope for that brighter future. Paul Ryan IS just another political hack who only serve to better himself , ONE SHIFTY character who is looking for relevance. hopefully he along with ALL the other RHINOS get booted out of the limelight and understand WE are not the stupid sheep to control any longer.

  9. Need to vote Kinzinger out of office. He is not doing anything to promote America First. I hope anther Republican wins his seat. Paul Ryan, we have had enough of Republicans parading as Democrats

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