Pro boxer Felix Verdejo — who competed in the 2012 Olympics — has been hit with multiple criminal charges connected to the killing of a 27-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Verdejo surrendered to authorities in Puerto Rico on Sunday evening — roughly 24 hours after the body of Keishla Rodriguez was found in a lagoon.

Officials say her body was in such bad shape, they needed to use her dental records to verify her identity.

The allegations of her killing are extremely disturbing …

Officials say the FBI has been working with a witness who claims to have “firsthand, personal knowledge” of the incident — because the boxer had “requested his help to terminate the pregnancy.”

The witness says he and Verdejo abducted Rodriguez on Thursday evening in a black SUV — where the boxer proceeded to punch her in the face and inject her with a “syringe filled with substances.”

After that, Verdejo allegedly bound the woman’s hands and feet, tied a heavy block to her body and threw her off the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge, into the San Jose Lagoon.

That’s not all … the witness told officials Verdejo then pulled out a gun and began firing at her in what appears to be a final horrific effort to ensure her death.

Authorities say cell phone data appears to sync up with the witness account — confirming the locations where Rodriguez had been traveling before her death.

Also, officials say they have surveillance video showing a dark SUV — similar to the one Verdejo had been spotted with — on the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge.

Verdejo is now facing multiple criminal charges including kidnapping resulting in death, carjacking resulting in death and killing an unborn child.

If convicted on all counts, Verdejo could face the death penalty.

Verdejo is 27-2 as a pro boxer and famously fought for Puerto Rico in the 2012 Olympic Games.

He had been signed with Top Rank Boxing which issued a statement on the situation on a Saturday.

“The thoughts and prayers of Top Rank are with the family and friends of Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz, and with the people of Puerto Rico in this moment of mourning.”

“We are profoundly disturbed by the news and will continue to monitor the evolution of the case as it progresses.”

Neither Verdejo nor his legal team have commented publicly about the allegations.

5 thoughts on “Pro Boxer Charged With Murdering Woman and Her Unborn Baby”
  1. In our World today, there is a Battle of Good vs Evil and Verdejo is obviously “possessed” by that evil. Not only did he take the life of that young woman, but he killed his own child — both acts a slap in God’s face. There will be no forgiveness for Verdejo, only retribution and the flames of Hell.

    That horrific act of murder will give Verdejo the Death Penalty, but not before that young woman’s Spirit finds him and haunts him until he loses his mind. And do not be surprised if people start seeing a lonely, weeping female Spirit on that bridge aimlessly walking, holding her baby. Whenever any place has experienced great human torment and lives were lost, it becomes the walking ground for those Spirits. I sincerely hope someone who deals with displaced Spirits can help that young woman/baby find a place of Peace and find her way to God’s arms.

    As for evil Verdejo, Diablo already has his Soul and his Eternity is going to be hot, brutal, and fiery. This time he isn’t going to win any fight, this time he loses to Diablo…for eternity!

    1. If these events of that brutalized, horrific death of a young woman and her baby do not tear your heart apart, then you need to go pray that “evil” has not possessed you as well. It is out there preying on the morally weak and in our World today, the morally weak people are growing.

      Be aware, keep in prayer and do NOT let evil ever enter your home for it will stay and destroy not only your life, but your loved ones as well.

  2. Will this ever hit the public ? If this was a white policeman it would be spread over everything.

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