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Left-wing media narratives would have us believe that Republican voters – at least a high percentage of us – are a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists.  The problem of the entire issue of crazy conspiracy theories is that those who engage in them believe them to be true.

Some theories are just simply outlandish.  Others – especially in politics – gain gravitas because they can be made to appear credible to gullible people – and, even more confusing, some may be true.

I am the anti-conspiracy theory type.  I try to judge these postulations based on some volume of fact and logic. I think one of the best examples of devotion to an absurd theory is a fairly widely held belief in the existence of ancient aliens who launched human progress.  And this one even has an entire cable channel to proffer that nonsense.  I could explain why I am not a believer, but that is not the subject of the commentary.

It seems that the political theories are the most dangerous because they affect voting and, by extension, policy.  I did my research and concluded that President Obama was born in Hawaii – to the chagrin of some of my conservative friends.  I do not believe the riot on Capitol Hill was even an attempted conspiratorial and armed insurrection – much less a real one – to keep President Trump in the White house, as Democrats and their media pals alleged.   It was a riot.  More about that in a later commentary.

The left – thanks to a compliant media – assumes credibility when it vilifies the theories or beliefs on the conservative side.  But they are blind to the political conspiracy theories that the left uses as their mainstay narratives.

Perhaps the most elaborate and dishonest conspiracy theory of them all was the three-year left-wing political narrative that the Trump campaign had criminally conspired with the Russians.  That was a conspiracy theory by definition.

The left assumed it and proffered it as a matter of fact.  Congressman Adam Schiff went so far as to falsely claim (lie) that he has seen in secret sessions incontrovertible proof of that conspiracy.  After a $30 million 18-month investigation, the theory was proven to be false – but only after great political harm has been inflicted on Trump and the Republican Party. The conspiratorial theory worked.

Contrary to what might be the popular impression – or, more accurately, misconception – the political left LOVES to engage in such baseless conspiracy theories.  If you were paying attention, you would have seen one of their latest being rolled out by the radical left in the media.

I first caught it on the Rachel Maddow Show – which, itself, is a major launch pad for false conspiracy theories.  Maddow spent an entire segment advancing a theory – without of a scintilla of evidence or even relevancy – about what would happen IF Trump were to be indicted by U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Cyrus Vance, Jr. while the former President was in his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Maddow’s far-reaching hypothetical question was whether Governor Ron DeSantis would block Trump’s extradition to New York.  She went on to theorize that the possibility of being protected by the Florida Governor is the reason that Trump speaks so highly of DeSantis.  She also SPECULATES whether DeSantis even has the power to block an extradition request.

The lady of the far left went on gleefully — as if she had discovered a sinister plot to promote the consumption of rare beef as a health benefit.  This one brought Maddow’s habit of tremoring with delight at the sound of her own words to a screen blurring frenzy. I have dubbed her peculiar quirky  habit “political Parkinsons.”   But I digress.

As they say in the media, let’s unpack Maddow’s latest adventure through the looking glass.

Maddow’s version of an exclusive was founded on an event that has not happened,– and may not happen.  Trump has not been indicted.  And if you follow the various cases and investigations, he is not likely to be indicted in the near future, if at all.

Maddow also ASSUMES that Trump would attempt to block an extradition request.  She assumes that he would not voluntarily comply with the indictment and show up for a trial.  That is actually the most likely course of action if an indictment is issued.  Attempting exile in Florida is the least likely response.  But that does not matter if you want to build a conspiracy theory on thin air.

What Maddow has done is simply created a phony pseudo-news narrative — with no contemporary relevancy — purely for the purpose or resurrecting the old “Trump is under investigation” story.  To suggest the outcome of those cases is also a speculative narrative paraded before the public as an insightful exclusive report.

To get to the next level of her nonsense theory, Maddow invents … yes, invents … a conspiracy between Trump and DeSantis over an event that has not happened – and may not.

She also deceptively reports that “officials” in Palm Beach County – the location of Mar-a-Lago – have discussed how they might handle a Trump indictment and a request for extradition – if Trump did not comply voluntarily.  Maddow left out a very significant FACT.

While she did not name those Palm Beach County officials, she failed to note that the County is run by Democrats.  She also did not offer any detail as to what those alleged discussions were about.

Maddow let it hang while INTIMATING that the NON-SPECIFIC conversation was about protecting Trump from the HYPOTHECICAL request for extradition over a POSSIBLE indictment that may or may not be issued – and upon an ASSUMPTION that Trump would not voluntarily comply, but rather rely on the POSSIBILITY that DeSantis would block the extradition IF he even had the power to do so.

As these things go in the left-wing media-sphere, Maddow’s non-story conspiracy theory is now common fare on CNN and other news outlets — and even in my local Sun-Sentinel newspaper. Maddow has certainly spread an amazing amount of bullsh*t without ever producing a bull.

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Both parties are bad! You have Fascists Republicans and Socialist Democrats! Both spout their conspiracy theories! I’m for who ever wants to get us off fossil fuels, get the Super chargers in so EVs have a level playing field to compete with IOCs, fix the roads and bridges.

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