Followers of the radical QAnon conspiracy theory have reacted with glee after a One America News Network (OANN) presenter called for the “traitors who meddled” in the 2020 election to be executed while falsely claiming the democratic results were a “coup” against Donald Trump.

In a segment to camera, OANN’s Pearson Sharp suggested that the “radical democrats left fingerprints all over the country” that showed the election was “not only tampered with, but was actually overthrown”—a claim which has not been proven more than seven months since the vote took place.

Sharp then goes on to suggest that all those who he claims helped Joe Biden win the election, including those carrying out the dismissed GOP-led audit in Arizona, should face execution for committing treason.

“How many people were involved in these efforts to undermine the election? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? How many people does it take to carry out a coup against the presidency?” Sharp asks.

“And when all the dust settles from the audit in Arizona and the potential audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin, what happens to all these people who are responsible for overthrowing the election?

“What are the consequences for traitors who meddled with our sacred democratic process and tried to steal power by taking away the voices of the American people? What happens to them? Well, in the past, America had a very good solution for dealing with such traitors: Execution.”

Sharp then makes the disputed claim that there are “numerous indications” that foreign governments including China and Pakistan helped Biden become president while reiterating his calls for any American citizens involved to face the death penalty.

“The bottom line is that no one is above the law. And let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they are,” Sharp said. “The consequences are clear. And those responsible will be brought to justice for their role in undermining America’s democracy.”

There’s a real fascist vibe to this One America News personality calming calling for the execution of potentially tens of thousands of Americans over fake voter fraud claims.

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) June 24, 2021

The clip was posted and shared on social media by followers of the extremist QAnon movement. In the past, QAnon supporters have eagerly awaited the mass execution of satanic pedophiles and the “deep state” working against Donald Trump as part of a prophecy known as “the storm,” which they predicted to be carried out at Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

QAnon followers have also urged a Myanmar-style military coup in the U.S. in order to overthrow the government and restore Trump as president.

“It’s Happening. Huge Red Pill! OAN is prepping the masses for Treason. I’ve yet to see anything like this on television up to this point,” tweeted Teresa AnnMarie while posting the clip.

The video was also shared by QAnon accounts on encrypted messaging service Telegram, including one with more than 183,000 subscribers.

“Hot dang! Now THAT is news reporting! Saying what’s true and damn the consequences,” wrote one Telegram user after the clip was shared in a channel with more than 29,000 subscribers. “Finding myself watching more and more of OANN and less and less of all the rest.”

Another profile named Brainfood added: “Is it bad that I giggled a bit? We have had enough!”

The clip was widely condemned on Twitter after it was shared by reporter Will Sommer, who covers QAnon for The Daily Beast.

“There’s a real fascist vibe to this One America News personality [calmly] calling for the execution of potentially tens of thousands of Americans over fake voter fraud claims,” Sommer tweeted.

“I came across the clip because QAnon people are [seeing] it as proof that the mass executions are right around the corner. Lots of glee in the Q chat rooms, demands for how exactly their imagined executions will be carried out and complaints they had to wait too long.”

While sharing Sommer’s post, former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Jesse Ferguson tweeted: “This is what the right wing controlled GOP is about….”

Twitter user Tom Brown added: “Republicans‘ favorite ‘news’ network calling for mass executions of 10s of thousands of ‘traitors’ they claim stole the election from their divine God-King Trump. Lies, lies and more and more dangerous lies. These people will not take reality as real. They hate reality & us.”

41 thoughts on “OANN Presenter’s Calls for Mass Executions in U.S.”
  1. The King is coming , He is God the Son, Lord of All, “ Are You Ready “ you can if you make knowing Him as your personal Lord & Savior today, “ Know your Election in Christ” 🙏🏻 And read His Gospels today,👁✝️👁” Peace👫

    1. Amen! Jehovah, Yeshua, Immanuel, known by many names but one thing is for sure; perfection is in the Trinity and people need to get on board for whatever comes will be easier to handle with the Lord leading you.

  2. Yes, people messing with the true American way should be dealt with .Our country is going to hell due to Biden, unless Trump takes over, I believe we are screwed.

    1. There is a far better candidate than Trump and I can give you nineteen reasons why NOT Trump as well as give you about that many why DeSantis!
      Governor DeSantis out polled Trump the other day in a major poll…he already has 22000 working for him..that says alot does it not?
      Trump is responsible for a lot of the heartache we have…the two broken campaign promises alone are sickening ….. and he gave the one to a billionaire’s wife…you know, good ole boy helping his good ole boy friend and the other….well, the UN is behind the depopulation along with Gates/Soros/Fauci/WEF/Rio Declaration and the Agenda 21/30/50…had he kept that one promise the Agenda and WEF would be gone.

      1. Numbers and science has lost all credibility at this point. They have been used as manipulation tactics and politicized. FUBAR. That is the only fact I have seen revealed throughout the past 2 years.

    2. This site is not a Patriot site but a Globalist misinformation site. This article just repeating The Soros;Harris Biden< Democrat Socialist talking points.

  3. Just let the EVIDENCE of fraud go to court.The charges are worth hearing.If this election was honest what the hell is the problem?When none of the courts in the land will hear the case you know there are criminals in the system. This thing is big enough for the SCOTUS ! I do not think there are more than a hand full of honest judges left in America.

  4. It is called treason and yes and according to 18 US code 2381 the penalty is death or imprisonment and didn’t Biden say he would go to war with the American people and obama who used drones on American citizens . They should all be locked up or put to death for Treason everyone one of them involved with this rigged election and it needs to happen soon or America will be lost forever

  5. As long as these factions just talk, they can keep talking! When they start to bear arms and start to hurt other people, then they will bear the consequences of their actions!

  6. Why execute TRAITORS?!? . . . Use them as LABOR to rebuild our INFRASTRUCTURE! . . . Just an idea. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  7. The people who read and actually believe this stuff from the Left are totally brainwashed and will NEVER wake up. It’s really sad because they will miss out on the BEST that’s yet to come, after the swamp is completely drained.

  8. Sharp is right and you are wrong. The election was stolen and you know it. Trump is not held as a god as you imply, he is simply a brash business man who made the right decisions and the career government workers interested in power and riches at the expense of the livlihoods and liberties of the governed hate him for it, as do the Chinese who seek to control the country. You people aren’t patriots, you are blind idiots.

    1. You said it just the way it is. People who believe cnn and msnbc are not capable of rational thought they are ate-up with TDS.

  9. I don’t know why they keep stating that there is no proof of election fraud when there are videos’ showing totes hidden under tables that were brought out after the polls closed to be counted that just had Biden circled on the ballot. They have witnesses that have testified and lost their jobs for coming forth and stating what they observed. If the DEMOCRATS think that the election was “safe & secure” then why are they stopping the audits?! The machines were rigged to turn Trump ballots to Biden. Ballots were scanned more than once for Biden. Ballots were filled and submitted for deceased individuals. Obama owns the machines that print the mail in ballots and sent ballots to people who never requested them, then when they went to vote were told they couldn’t vote . I know myself that 2020 was the first time I was told that they did not need to see Voter ID. I am not a rocket scientist and know that the election was fraudulent!! George Soris paid people to vote for Biden, a driver admitted hauling ballots from NY to Philadelphia, Pa. that were for Biden. They found ballots for Trump in the dumpsters!! There was a glitch in the software for Domian machines that turned Trump ballots to Biden. FRAUD! FRAUD! We the American people want Voter ID and only legally registered voters to vote!! We want “safe & secure” voting system!

  10. I saw the Pearson Sharp piece & I’m curious. Why the uproar from the left? They’ve called for actions just as severe, if not worse, & are ignoring what the constitution states. Treason is punishable by death. If you follow their line of “reasoning”, there is no such thing as treason. But then, they like to change the meaning of words, the English language, whatever it takes to suit their purposes.

  11. Tom Brown is Right Trump is God like to Americans who realize what D’s are doing to this country and I do despise them well .
    Cheaters, liars , thieves ! Modern day Traitors
    Trump should get 8 more years ! The GOP needs to clean house ! Anyone voted to impeach has to go ! For years the left has smeared a great President ! A never ending attack ! 2 fake impeachment’s !
    What educated person would buy the garbage that these fools are selling ! Trump stable genius Vs. Basement / China / Big Guy , Joe
    Biden Mush head ! Lets count the ballots !!!
    Don’t be scared ? If you didn’t cheat , no worries. (We know you cheated )
    I will never vote D in my lifetime !
    Stand or fall! I stand with conservatives !
    I won’t fall for critical race theory or any Marxist
    org.s like BLM or Antifa I don’t burn police stations or take hostage a city and brand it Chaz
    Benedict Arnold escaped but Major Andre’ didn’t
    This should scare the lower level participants
    in the election fraud ! Andre’ was hanged !
    All these brain dented tree huggers better wake up ! They daydream about reforming Trump supporters , Just like China ! / Germany
    They want our guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This country will be under Chinas flag the day after that happens ! Biden is a joke ! He thinks his pedophile son is the best man he ever met !
    A testament in itself to his intelligence !

  12. To Jesse Ferguson: Arkancide , revenge and corruption is what the demonic party is about The person who you speak for certainly qualifies.. To be a Democrat requires being corrupt ,greedy ,self serving, vengeful, and a hypocrite.

    Nancy let me save you some time. Who was behind the siege of the Capitol look in the mirror.

    1. My wife and I just finished watching our Pastor hold church service this morning and by your post, it seems like something you should have watched also,. This is no place for this kind of language. May God bless and forgive you. In Christ I pray. Amen


  14. In my opinion, the people who falsified the elections, that is, they stole millions of votes. must be punished very severely so that this never happens again in America.

  15. There is no way on this planet that nobody and I mean nobody is going to convince me that there was not big fraud in last years election. There is no proof because those in charge would not let There be an honest and legitimate investigation. In several swing states they halted the count, never happened since elections have taken place, a pervert who couldn’t even draw a fly to a rally, the few that he had, not to mention various state and federal Constitutional violations that were just swept under the rug. I can go on but story short, Biden is illegitimate and massive voter fraud did take place.

  16. I’m wondering whose pocket the one that wrote this article is in? Could he be aligned with the Deep Swamp? He is certainly not worthy of being associated with anything that represents Patriots. Apparently he does not have any idea what is in the Constitution or what the Constitution stands for. Treason was committed and the penalty is death!

  17. Clearly the left has been very successful in their attempts to aggravate normal American citizens with their “view everything through the lens of social justice” campaign. I’ve always considered most politically active people to be a bit unreasonable but generally a decent people who care about their country. The constant narrative of the left is without question intended to divide as does most political rhetoric but I’m getting a sense of a major shift in the attitudes of both sides. Calls for execution of political foes in America doesn’t sound much like the America I grew up in and love for its freedoms. These freedoms include the right to say what you feel without persecution. Unfortunately as I read these responses I’m slowly beginning to understand the depth of this divide. When calling for the execution of anyone for their political views we are exiting the land of freedom and have entered a country more reminiscent of Stalin era Russia or even Nazi Germany. I’m not surprised to hear the frustration that is intentionally caused by the persistent narrative coming from the left and our bought and paid for media. I am however taken aback when I read some of these comments. When did we decide to abandon the processes we have believed and fought for? The processes by which America became the greatest country on the planet because of rule of law. When was the last time we’ve had a political execution in this country as I’ve never heard of one in my 60 years? If conservatives truly want to end the nonsense we see coming out of the white house they can not allow themselves to adopt the same tactics that have brought us here. The Pelosi’s and Biden’s of our nation come and go as do all political administrations and America remains with its freedoms in tact. It is not necessary for us to take to the streets like those forces we condemn. We should remain stalwart in our convictions and do so with grace and honor. I ask you that feel we should stoop to the lowest levels of political discourse to refrain from reactionary responses to what we all know to be wrong. The left has laid a trap for us and it appears we’re taking the bait. When tyranny is at your door then you must respond in kind but to act out in the manner in which we ask for death to others is a dead end road that will only strengthen the leftist agenda. Cooler heads will prevail and always have. We only need to speak out and remain vigilant in our endeavors. Use the court systems are buying power and our vote to remove despots. This isn’t my first time around the block and I’ve seen this all before and you can believe this nonsense will pass. We’ve already seen the cracks begin to open when ridiculous policies aren’t working and never have. Results are what matter to the American people and no matter how hard the media pushes the narrative the end results will prove these policies are ineffective. If we allow ourselves to be manipulated to the point of taking to the streets we are sure to lose the high ground. The ends do not always justify the means. Remember who we are because giving away ones identity to prove a point will make that point no longer the issue. Have we learned nothing from the January 6th debacle? This was an intentional scenario meant to show the world how violent and reactionary the right is and though we know it was a farce it doesn’t appear that way when it’s shown to the world. Keep you perspective and fight the good fight through the legal processes our great nation has provided us. The leftists always make the mistake of believing others think like them and will react in the manner in which they themselves would. We are better than that and we will prevail as long as we don’t stoop to their level. Keep calm America or we will lose tge rights we so admire and respect. Ignore fools and use logic to further our goals of preserving the shining light of freedom the rest of the world once admired.
    God bless America

  18. I really think that the network needs to distance itself from presentations luke this. I really think that it damages the credibility of the network. Yes, free speech is American’s right and this piece is free speech. However, is this viewpoint supporting the overall mission of the network?? Not judging, just asking.

  19. Does anybody really expect the ( Government) to de honest,? Common man. No I am not Joe. I think if Trump had a coup in mind, he would still de president. He did after all keep more campaign promises than any other candidate. He only failed because of all the cheating Democrats and Fake news Media.such a Damn shame for America.

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