Approximately 3 in 10 Republicans say in a new poll they believe former President Trump will be reinstated this year.

The Politico-Morning Consult Poll published on Wednesday found the vast majority of Americans dismiss the idea that Trump will be reinstated as president, including 61 percent of Republicans. Twenty-nine percent of GOP respondents, however, said they believe Trump will be made president again.

More than 8 in 10 Democrats — 84 percent — and 70 percent of independents also dismiss the notion that Trump will be made president after it is proven President Biden cheated in the election.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported last week Trump has been pressuring conservative media to legitimize his conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election being “rigged” against him.

The former president has also been telling people in his orbit he expects to be reinstated by August of this year.

“And none of that is possible. But this is the kind of thing that he is trying to flush into the conservative media ecosystem,” Haberman said during an appearance on CNN. “And I expect it to get more intense the more he is under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney and the state attorney general in New York and the threat of indictment over the coming months.”

Since losing last year’s presidential election, Trump has repeatedly pushed baseless claims of widespread voter fraud and suggested the election was not conducted fairly.

Polling shows a solid majority of GOP voters still supportive of Trump and his policies, with a significant amount of Republican voters hopeful he will run for president again in 2024.

Trump has not confirmed his future political plans, saying he is currently focused on helping elect Republicans who are loyal to him and his agenda to Congress.

“As you know, it’s very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement,” Trump said early last month. “You know for campaign finance reasons, you really can’t do it too early because it becomes a whole different thing.”

The new Politico-Morning Consult Poll also found 59 percent of Republican voters polled said they wish to see Trump play a major role in the party going forward.

In another key finding, 77 of all respondents said that they believe America’s democracy is being threatened, including 82 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Democrats.

Morning Consult noted that just 4 in 10 Republicans said they had at least “some” confidence in the electoral system.

The poll was conducted June 4-7 among 1,990 registered voters. It has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

14 thoughts on “Three in 10 Republicans Believe Trump will be Reinstated”
  1. There was fraud and those not believing what is being uncovered are idiots. Biden and Harris plus the dems in congress should be put in prison or worse. They committed the fraud and need to pay. Too bad we can’t hang them…for what they have done to our country…let them rot in hell..

  2. ALL decent, patriotic U.S. Citizens want TRUMP to resume the office of POTUS. KAG! Biden is basement material.

  3. 80 million Republicans and millions duped by the fake media of Democrats agree to recognize Trump as the legitimate President who won the election on November 2, 2020.

  4. LISTEN UP…GOD Says PREZ TRUMP Did NOT Get a FAIR ELECTION and DEREK CHAUVIN Did NOT Get a FAIR TRIAL. HE also Said HE is Going to DESTROY the TERRORISTS and that HE is SEPARATING the GOOD APPLES from the BAD ONES. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  5. Oh boy, what a lie!!
    There are much more than 3 out of 10 US TRUMPlican Lawmakers that believe that President TRUMP won

    our US 2020 Election

    but the corrupt lying liberal medias must tell us US public lies lies lies

    as I keep saying repeatedly, the liberal demoncrat medias are born with corrupt deceptive DNA

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥🥰

  6. People – listen up. The Election was actually STOLEN. Here is the Proof. As is the case with every presidential election, the “pure as the driven snow” Democrat Party — this time with addled old Joe in tow — incessantly hyperventilated — lied — about the untold vast amounts of “special interest” money flowing into Donald Trump’s evil coffers. Just one problem. While Biden and his handlers continually bragged about his campaign’s small-dollar donations — as a “moral” contrast to Trump’s “corrupt” “special interest” donations, of course — it appears that again they were either lying, clueless, or both. President Joe Biden benefited from a record-breaking amount of donations from anonymous donors to outside groups backing him, meaning the public will never have a full accounting of who helped him win the White House. Biden’s winning campaign was backed by $145 million in so-called dark money donations, a type of fundraising Democrats have decried for years. Those fundraising streams augmented Biden’s $1.5 billion haul, in itself a record for a challenger to an incumbent president. That amount of dark money dwarfs the $28.4 million spent on behalf of his rival, former President Donald Trump. And it tops the previous record of $113 million in anonymous donations backing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012. Again, say it with me, everybody: “The hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds.” As Bloomberg reported, Priorities USA Action Fund, the super-PAC formed in 2011 to re-elect Barack Obama, and in 2020 designated by Biden as his “preferred vehicle” for “outside spending,” used $26 million originally donated to its nonprofit arm, Priorities USA, to back Biden. The donors of that money do not have to be disclosed. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly used hundreds of millions of his dollars to undermine the election. The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization, released the 39-page report, alleging that Zuckerberg’s $500 million given to election officials was used to treat voters unequally and to improperly influence the election for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Zuckerberg gave money to government institutions, the donations were targeted at Democrat-heavy areas in swing states. The bulk of the funds went to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a nonprofit started by former managers and staff at the New Organizing Institute, a progressive nonprofit. “The provision of Zuckerberg – CTCL funds allowed these Democrat strongholds to spend roughly $47 per voter, compared to $4 to $7 per voter in traditionally Republican areas of the state. “This effectively is a shadow government running our elections,” Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project, said at a press conference in Virginia. “A half a billion dollars into the hands of state and local officials who, in turn, allowed those private organizations, and private interests, to have access to sensitive and private information of American citizens that was of value to political parties, and monetized for interests on the left,” Kline continued. Zuckerberg’s money had encouraged states to violate their own laws, and act contrary to federal law, in turning out specific groups of voters and suppressing turnout among other groups of voters, violating the Constitution.
    “Zuckerberg paid for the election judges; he purchased the drop boxes — contrary to state law; he ordered the consolidation of the counting facilities; Zuckerberg paid the local officials who boarded up the windows to the counting room; Zuckerberg money purchased the machines, Dominion and otherwise; and Zuckerberg money was contributed to secretaries of state, like Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson, who has fought transparency in this election,” Kline stated. Other nonprofits deemed key to distributing the money besides CTCL were named as the Center for Electronic Innovation Research, the Center for Civic Design, the National Vote at Home Institute, the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, and Rock the Vote. “I am shocked by the mounting evidence of rampant fraud in the 2020 elections,” a concerned Wisconsin resident said in an email to government officials. “Newly ‘found’ Biden votes. Votes by deceased individuals. Forged postal mailing dates. Counties with more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. Military ballots thrown away. And lawful observers being blocked.” Biden squeaked out a narrow Electoral College win in Wisconsin, a state Donald Trump won in the 2016 election. Among the many irregularities were reports that express votes used by disabled people skyrocketed from 60,000 in 2016 to more than 240,000 in 2020. Common sense dictates something was significantly wrong with those numbers. President Trump’s attorneys filed a petition to have the outcome thoroughly vetted before it was certified. The state’s liberal judges rejected the request despite conservative judges agreeing that irregularities occurred. National Vote at Home Institute leader Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein was able to insert himself into “hidden” identifiers in the network. This shocking revelation comes as Green Bay officials apparently falsely claimed that the counting was “administered exclusively by city staff.” The term SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, and that gave him unfettered access. This means an unelected and unauthorized Democrat operative was able to penetrate the 2020 voting system in one of the closest presidential races. Democrats cried Russian collusion and interference for four long years, but the real culprit has been China buying off greedily media outlets to sway public opinion. China has been laughing at how easily they turned America’s new media into a tentacle of its communist propaganda. According to reports, the award-winning Washington Post took $4.6 million from the communist party in ad buys. The New York Times took more than $50,000 and, all told, China doled out nearly $20 million to publish propaganda and secure influence over the American media during the last four years alone. The money and influence were designed to unseat Pres. Donald J. Trump, so they could go back to business as usual. “Again, if you’re looking for election rigging, look no further. That’s what this is,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reportedly said of suppressing the Hunter Biden story. “They kept information from the public in order to influence the outcome of the election. They rigged it.” on Wednesday, The Post ran a piece where the headline tells the tale pretty succinctly: “USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes.” Yes, it turns out the United States Postal Service. According to the report, nearly one in 12 of the 150,000 ballots that were processed on Wednesday — 12,000 — were from one of five states that hadn’t been called by the media at that point. “Another 39,000 ballots were processed Thursday, agency data shows, including more than 4,000, in the remaining swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania,” The Post reported. On March 31st, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, released a one-hour television special entitled, Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History. Dr. Frank’s investigation reveals that the 2010 national census data was used to manipulate the 2020 election rolls and to inject phantom votes into the election totals. The injection of the 2010 national census data into the 2020 election rolls facilitated a crime that some experts are calling the largest cyber-crime in world history. To watch the one hour special Scientific Proof now, simply go to
    The cancer of liberalism floods the Democratic Party. Their teachings and rhetoric ring in the young’s ears as they are reprogrammed to do the bidding of their taskmasters. Now that the election is well over, it is becoming clear just how crooked they have become. These liberal states and counties did not think twice about harvesting ballots to the point that the vote count would exceed that county’s entire population. The left is about control. If they can get people to do what they want, they can manipulate just about anything. All they have to do is twist just a little bit of truth into a lie, and the hook is set. All they need is for someone to bite. The Democrats designed a black-market style of voting. They sent out ballots to people that had been dead for years. So, how do countries in Europe approach mail-in voting? With a sharp stick and a pitchfork, according to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.
    Out of the 44 countries in Europe, only six allow mail-in voting: Iceland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Luxemburg. None of those countries have a policy like what we should probably refer to as the “Pennsylvania clause” from now on. If a ballot is delivered by the postal service even one second after the polls close on election day, tough luck. It’s not a valid ballot and is discarded. Eight European countries allow limited mail-in voting for certain people, but only in extremely limited circumstances. Oh, and you’d better have a valid photo ID, because otherwise you’re not getting a ballot. The remaining 30 countries in Europe have instituted total bans on mail-in voting. And it’s not just the more modernized countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium that have banned mail-in voting. Even the poor, underdeveloped, backwater countries like Serbia, Azerbaijan and France have banned mail-in voting. They don’t trust mail-in voting at all. They figure that if voting is important to a citizen, that citizen should get their butt to a polling station on election day to cast a ballot in person. 13 countries in Europe have banned ballot harvesting. The other 31 countries allow the practice, but in every single case, the process is strictly regimented. But in the European countries that allow ballot harvesting, the process is carried out by teams of election workers to minimize chances of fraud. A team will take a stack of ballots into a nursing home – but once the ballot is filled out, the workers are not allowed to touch it. The ballots are placed in a sealed ballot box by the voters and the box has to remain sealed until counting time on Election Day. That’s why in all six of the sketchy swing states in the 2020 election, they had more ballots than registered voters. Very convenient, indeed. If Democrats wreck the system to the point where the only way to win is by cheating, people on the right will just have to figure out how to cheat harder than the Dems.

  7. I’ve always thought that President Trump would be reseated after the audits have been completed. Also, President Trump should be allowed to run for one more full term.

  8. The claims of voter fraud are gradually being proven to be accurate. Unfortunately for America, Pence insured nothing could be done about it, when he certified the electoral vote before all the investigations were carried out.

  9. I do not know if trump will be reinstated as president ,(he should be after the way the election was rigged) but if he is then and only then will I hold out hope for america otherwise I believe that the america that I grew up in is gone forever and the glory of the world is less than it was. BLM has been making statements later with hate speecch and that really bothers me because I lost 7 ancesters fighting for their freedom in the civil war when are the BLM mouthpeices going to pay me for the blood my family has lost fighting trying to do the right thing and give them the right to run their mouths like fools.

  10. With proof of a stoLen election the sitting president should be removed from office and the true winner should be sworn in as president.

    1. I don’t know if that would be legally possible but the idea is sound. It works in other situations to correct a wrong. Plus lost wages would be reinstated.


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