The U.S. has granted a visa to 2-year-old Alta Fixsler and her father so she can travel from the U.K. to receive care after a British court ruled she should be taken off life support against her parents’ wishes.

“Today U.S. Senator Charles Schumer announced that the visa for Alta has been urgently approved and obtained, which will allow her and her U.S. citizen father, Mr. Abraham Fixsler, to travel to the United States and receive care,” a statement from the senator’s office said Friday.

Alta, who cannot breathe or eat without medical care, has been on life support since her birth at a hospital in Manchester. Earlier this year, the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust asked to end her treatment, but her parents said that taking her off life support would go against their Jewish faith.

In May, a British High Court ruled that her life-sustaining care should be withdrawn, as it is in her “best interests” because she has “no prospect of recovery.”

Her parents asked that they be allowed to take Alta to a hospital in Jerusalem to continue receiving care instead, as they are both Israeli citizens.

But Justice Alistair MacDonald ruled that taking her abroad would expose Alta to further discomfort “for no medical benefit in circumstances where all parties accept that the treatment options now available for Alta provide no prospect of recovery.”

Senior Israel officials have engaged in numerous attempts to intervene in the case but have been unsuccessful. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin wrote a letter to Prince Charles last month urging him to help bring Alta to Israel, although no changes to her case have been made since.

Several U.S. senators have also spoken out in support of Alta and her family. A group of 10 Republican senators sent a letter to President Joe Biden on June 22 urging him to ask British Prime Minster Boris Johnson to intervene.

Last week, Schumer wrote to the U.K.’s U.S. ambassador, Karen Pierce, requesting that the U.K. suspend all health decisions regarding Alta and that the U.K. allow the girl to travel to the U.S. with her father, who holds dual citizenship.

On Friday, Schumer announced the visa had been secured.

“All the Fixslers want is to follow their faith and get their little girl the best care in the process,” Schumer said in a press release. “The images of little Alta make your heart melt and to know just how much parents love her inspires us to do all we can to ensure her best chances. Aside from this federal action of securing a visa, I also offer my most fervent prayers to her and her family.”

14 thoughts on “2-Year-Old Ordered Off Life Support in UK Against Parent’s Wishes”
  1. Why should a citizen of the US have to get a visa, yet you allow all those illegals to pour into our country, doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. If their a chance of saving this young child I say go for it. It’s no secret what god can do. He’s done it for others and if it’s his will he’ll do for this child and her family.

  3. Wow, first thing I’ve agreed with Schumer on, and it was bipartisan. The single-payer system over there just can’t handle special cases that need long-term care. Hopefully, in time a treatment can be found for the girl here.

  4. Any body can be kept technically alive. Are they treating what is wrong with their baby or just hoping for the best? Have they tried stemcell therapy, hyperbaric, siccazellin, surgery, or other treatments? If not, why not? If everything’s been tried, and still no response, then just waiting and praying for her to turn around would be rather futile.

  5. The Jewish faith is to allow God to do what is necessary. Keeping this poor helpless child on life support is selfish. If there is not a chance for her to recover and grow on her own then she should be taken off life support and put in God’s hands.

    1. I agree…if she has been on life support since her birth, is 2 years old now and comatose that’s just not right for the little angel… it’s time to entrust and free her soul to Almighty GOD so she can Rest In Peace…..

  6. Satan has gained much influence throughout the world including the UK. Only God, and Christ have compassion. Those who do not worship God or Christ have little compassion or mercy!

  7. Socialized medicine. Coming to America thanks to our present government who has already demonstrated its hate for babies and the rest of America.

  8. Poor little girl. We have no idea what it feels like to be her. She can tell us nothing and apparently has so many birth defects, she may never be able to do so. Christian, Jew, Eskimo, or Pacific Islander; that baby is an innocent. And Mr. Harde, Jr., your God is WAY more forgiving than you are.

  9. The British system of socialized medicine and the woke British judges routinely murder toddlers against their parents’ wishes, even going so far as to kidnap and imprison the parents if they try to save the child, “in the bests interests of the child”. That’s what socialized medicine and socialism are like.

    Ashya King, Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans, Max Sewart, Midrar Ali, Alta Fixsler, the list goes on and on.

  10. Socialized medicine doesn’t mean an endless supply of money to fix every one s ills. Once you get to a certain age they look at cost vs the taxes you will pay while working. Once it gets to the point where the treatment will cost more than your ability to pay taxes or pay more in taxes or postpone retirement, you are then considered a burden on society . Then you are S O L

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