More than one-third (35%) of adults would be “not at all surprised” be if the systematic murder of a religious group happened in America today, according to a recent YouGov survey focused on the Holocaust and Anne Frank.

That’s a bipartisan sentiment, too: one-third (34%) of Republicans, Independents (36%), and Democrats (37%) say they would be “not at all surprised” by a religious group facing genocide in modern-day America.

35% of Americans would be "not at all surprised" if the systematic murder of a religious group happened in America today


Half of US adults (51%) believe the book, which details Frank’s teenage years hiding in an annex in Amsterdam during the Holocaust, should be required reading in public schools.

On average, Americans believe The Diary of Anne Frank should be read around 13-years-old, the same age that Frank received her diary and began chronicling her life in hiding.

Even as Americans look back on the Holocaust, they are split on whether modern migrant detention centers on the US-Mexico border should be referred to as “concentration camps,” as suggested by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The congresswoman posted a widely-debated tweet in June that said, “This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole.”

People are split on whether it is accurate to refer to the migrant detention centers on the US-Mexico border as “concentration camps.” 41% believe it is an accurate description, 40% believe it is inaccurate.

Americans are split on whether migrant detention centers should be referred to as concentration camps


There are significant age splits, as well, when it comes to whether or not migrant camps are comparable to concentration camps. Almost half of Millennials (48%) believe it’s accurate, compared to 36% of Gen X and 37% of Baby Boomers. Half of Baby Boomers (52%) say that it is an inaccurate description.

Frank died at 15, and her diary was posthumously published by her father in 1947. Three in ten (30%) US adults say they have since read the entirety of The Diary of Anne Frank, and another 17% have read some of it. Her journal includes the famous quote: “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

A majority of Americans (56%) say they strongly or somewhat agree with her words today, according to the YouGov survey.

39 thoughts on “Could Genocide Really Happen in America?”
  1. I don’t doubt genocide is happening. But I don’t believe it will be just the religious groups. I truly believe that the jab is just the beginning of the genecide going on in this country. That being the reason for the manadory vaccine going on right now.
    Within the next few years you will see millions of vaccinated people will begin to die due to immune systems not fighting off the common deceases.

    1. Totally AGREE 100%! Who needs genocide when you can manipulate people with “Fear” to get a jab that is full of untested chemicals, aborted fetal tissue, and MRNA that has a time release factor? No genocide needed here — just F E A R AND DANGEROUS UNKNOWNS….and TIME!

    2. It’s happening right now. Democrats/soros training. Camps. Tests are under way in portland,Portland, Louis, chicago,floridia, California. New york.. do you really think these shootings are by lone wolves?????? It’s too take all self defense from americans.. look at. The lineage of gov. Mandates in warsaw, compare too usa. First ghettoes then energy, then food,, then water. WRsaw a city of 1 million, when russia liberated it, 250,000. 22,000 policeman and business men marched to forest and executed too start the genocide.
      Hitler hired a videographer woman too show world he was the good guy, and it got genocidal.. the citizens had zero defense, and our politicians including the UK kissed hitlers rear.. then allowed thousands of nazis too come too usa. Your seeing their get in gov.

    3. It’s started, first attack all conservatives as being white supremacists through media, entertainment (notice how the new FBI and Police shows are all pushing White Supremacy, no mention of BLM or Antifa) and our liberals in government. Did you all here of Biden’s (reminds me of Hitlers speeches) speech on Tuesday? Republicans and conservatives are being vilified by our own president. Make people fear conservatives as Un-American and anti-democratic and anti-constitution through fear mongering and they will look away as people are thrown into “camps.” The government liberals are using the Marxist playbook on the American people. Hitler used it against the Jews in the 1930’s and how did that end. Young people are ignorant of true history and being led to slaughter.

  2. We the American taxpayers are paying billions of dollars transporting by PLANE to OUR COMMUNITIES!! The present administration is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the border CRISIS!! They built the buildings, didn’t even CHECK them for COVID prior to infiltrating OUR country. That is probably where the Delta variant came from. It makes me sick that the uneducated, blinded people in Connecticut and New York CAN’T LEARN. THEY WANT TO HAVE AOC. They VOTE these reprehensible into office. It is beyond me.

  3. Considering the number of antisemitic representatives now in our government, the squad, their followers, Lewis Farrakhan and his bunch of antisemite thugs, the JINOs like Bernie Sanders, a huge number of members in the House of Representatives, BLM, George Soros, JStreet, the huge American Islamic Affairs organization, X President Obama and his prodigy, Joe Biden, American Jews would be the first to be gathered up and sent to American concentration camps. They would all write articles indicating how unAmerican it is and then look in the other direction, just as was done in Germany. As long as Biden is PINO, this horrific concept could happen sooner then later in America. BTW, the mainstream media would do nothing.

  4. A.O.C. strikes again! This woman is all about sensationalism and I m about half past give a fig with her bull. Political leaders such as she delight in terrorizing everyone. A real pervert.

  5. I am not surprised that the mennials voted the way they did. They are nonthinking robots who actually believe what their COMMUNIST, MARXIST professors told them.
    YES, as a Christian woman who believes in and supports the JudeoChristian beliefs, I can certainly see Genocide happening. It happened in Germany, why not here. In 6 months, with Biden, our country is almost unrecognizable. I LOVE AMERICA 🇺🇸, HER CONSTITUTION, HER FLAG, HER ANTHEM. I believe we can be saved. They closed our Churches and Synagogues, why not genocide? All teen children and adults if you haven’t, need to read The Diary Of Ann Frank. To this day I cannot look at a lampshade, without thinking about Hitler’s Communist using the skin of the Jewish people for their lampshades. Do people even know that? It is time we stood up. Make donations to Samaritans Purse, your Church, or Synagogue. It will do your heart good.

    BOBBY ~!~.

    1. Just a comment on the so-called “Fiberglass Coffins”. First of all, these are not “coffins”. They are called “Grave liners”, which are required by most , if not all cemeteries. Grave liners are mostly made of concrete, and some are made of plastic, (most likely was was shown in those highly publicized photos as “coffins”). The purpose of these
      “Grave Liners” is to protect the integrity of the ground. They are structural devices to prevent the ground from sinking, as the true coffins (wood or metal) will eventually decay or corrode, and cause the ground to sink without their use. Some of these so-called “coffins” are made by a company called Vanguard. They are plastic injection molded and are stacked as inventory, ready to send to their client cemeteries, as the need arises.

  7. Why wouldn’t genocide occur in the USA, when it already has, with the white man’s killing of the Indians and its treatment of slaves.
    The recent actions in the killings of people protesting, etc. in the USA relate very much to potential genocide action.
    The walking out on people of other countries who believed that the USA was helping them to have better lives and hopefully better living conditions, i.e. Afghanistan, among others.
    The break up of allied groups that individually had insufficient leadership and abilities to govern themselves (think 1948), which has resulted in many of this world’s current problems.

  8. I am not for getting rid of any religious group but I am all for getting rid of all the scum blacks. They have never been a benefit to this country even as slaves. Nothing but trouble.

    1. I’m in total agreement Andy, but in this cowardly country we now live in, it’s probably you and I willing to come out and express it.

  9. Given the state of our politics, coupled with the way the Left is acting, I believe any country that could elect someone like our brain dead, ultra Left president, could easily develop concentration camps and that, like Grrmany, would fill them with Jews and Asians.

  10. The pollster should have stated a definition of “Concentration Camp” before asking the question. The poll shows that approximately half this country does not grasp the true meaning of the question asked or realize the significance of Representative AOC’s claims.

  11. What if genocide by utilizing an experimental vaccine was/is the process? First the first shot, then the 2nd! Of course there’ll be a must take booster & so on! The citizens in fear of everything Fauci speaks will run to be the first to receive their vaccine! It’s become too obvious that many departments within our government can’t be trusted! It’s part of the Marxist American Regime! My opinion!

  12. I am beyond appalled how far Biden and handlers, Jilly, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Soros, etc are willing to follow the example of Hitler, Marxists, Communists. Not only are they hesitant to even comment re Israel when they were bombed by Palestine, but Biden kept delaying commitment to sell Israel missiles to replenish their Iron Dome. The antisemitic chants in Congress stemmed from the nasty Squad and is spreading as others feel the freedom and acceptance to also voice antisemetism. Biden backs strengthening Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, even literally begging Iran (!!!) to restart the Iran Deal again, their growing nuclearization tolerated.
    The Biden Admin ignores the safety and security of America in their creation of the border crisis, bringing in millions of illegal aliens in from over 160 countries. For Dem votes? Less likely than concentrated, sick planning to destabilize America and crush what she is, financially, healthwise, safety, and the freedoms of America. Crimes Against Humanity, and those crimes against the illegal immigrants themselves. I cannot imagine most of them would ever vote for Democrats who let them in and then treated them so badly. That the Dems DO NOT SEEM TO CARE ABOUT THE ILLEGALS well being, only to continue free flow in, seens sinister. Apparently they feel secure they will always remain in power, via vote or other means.

    There are supposedly about 500 Trump supporters being held in jails since 1/6 riot likely planned and carried out by Pelosi, AOC, Biden/Harris, Obama, FBI, selected Capitol police members. Most have been in solitary confinement 23 of 24 hrs per day, denied bail or a hearing, not allowed blankets, pillows, toilet paper, privacy or dignity. Their “cases” are not slated tI be until 2022 orc 2023! Solitary confinement during that? Solitary confinement destroys people mentally; many are never the same. Is this the Dems plan to “deprogram” them to not support Trump or other Republicans? They have lost their jobs, charged, often wrongly, with felonies that change their futures, losing their homes, farms, THEIR CHILDREN going to foster care if no other relatives! Imagine the glee Pelosi and Biden and Jilly, et al, are feeling to be doing this to Americans they label as “domestic terrorists” when they are not. Charged with walking on the grass of the “Peoples House – the Capitol, sitting on bottom outside step, walking peacefully into the building WHEN CAPITOL POLICE OPENED the door and beckoned them in. ALL are being charged if they then walked in. ALL Trump supporters are having their often nonsense charges elevated to FELONIES by adding charge that they DISRUPTED NATIONAL BUSINESS even by just walking in the edge of the lawn! Does Biden admin stop this, call for reason? NO. In fact he and Pelosi are starting to set up nationwide CAPITOL POLICE OFFICES all over the US to look for more “White Supremist domestic terrorists” via family and friend “tattles”, social media sources, physical surveillance, searching into bank accounts, mortgages, ANYTHING, permissable because they claim the people they HUNT are terrorists against America! They seem to be using Hitler’s playbook in planning and carrying out these imprisonments and this continued HUNT. JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO JEWS in Germany and across Europe. Some of those in jail here are being beaten and prisoners’ food thrown on the filthy floor. One had eyeball knocked out of socket during a severe beating. RAPES? WE DON’T KNOW. And Biden et al WANT MORE OF IT. First two CAPITOL POLICE offices: Tampa, Fl, and San Francisco, CA. More offices to follow. When find those they HUNT, they often drag them out of homes, pre-dawn, or at offices, schools, off street. THAT HAPPENED with the Nazis. THE EXACT THING THAT IS HAPPENING HERE, sans a gas chamber.

    Were ANTIFA and BLM arrested and imprisoned? NO. Turned loose immediately. Re ANTIFA, SOROS will not allow them to be held, to keep his shield. The violence at Capitol was primarily by ANTIFA and BLM. We are finding FBI and some Capitol police were involved in the planning and carrying out the 1/6 riot, likely headed by certain Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden, et al.) to accomplish what they hope is the destruction of Trump and his supporters.

  13. Genocide…yes, but sophisticated genocide, voluntary suicide by standing in line for a “vaccine” . If more need to die, just turn loose another bio weapon. More volunteers will stand in line for the jab.

  14. read the words and don’t rely upon modern definitions that try to change the meaning of words. concentration is just that packed tight. without room and no realize. once in the only way out is death. so is their a difference? use your brain and don’t listen to half of what politicians say. they want to do your thinking for you. we have too many minions and toadies that want this. dont let them have your life.———-I resist!——-Grampa

  15. Just a comment on the so-called “Fiberglass Coffins”. First of all, these are not “coffins”. They are called “Grave liners”, which are required by most , if not all cemeteries. Grave liners are mostly made of concrete, and some are made of plastic, (most likely was was shown in those highly publicized photos as “coffins”). The purpose of these
    “Grave Liners” is to protect the integrity of the ground. They are structural devices to prevent the ground from sinking, as the true coffins (wood or metal) will eventually decay or corrode, and cause the ground to sink without their use. Some of these so-called “coffins” are made by a company called Vanguard. They are plastic injection molded and are stacked as inventory, ready to send to their client cemeteries, as the need arises.

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