A Georgia woman was arrested this week after authorities found more than 100 dead dogs and cats on her property, which had served as a foster home for animals for years.

Terri Lynn Taylor, who had long worked with different animal organizations, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals following a lengthy investigation into the alleged abuse, according to the Bacon County Sheriff’s Office. The agency recently teamed up with one of those groups, New York-based Guardians of Rescue, to investigate the woman.

Deputies eventually went to Taylor’s property in Alma, about 100 miles west of Savannah, and made the horrific discovery. They found the bodies of 64 cats and 43 dogs as well as 20 live dogs and two live cats, authorities said.

Nine of the dogs who survived the abuse remained hospitalized Thursday, with three of them in critical condition, Guardians of Rescue said in a tweet. The group will be taking care of the live animals as the criminal case continues.

Sheriff Andy Batten said there was no obvious sign that the suspect was mistreating or even caring for the many animals on her property.

“Riding by the property, you couldn’t see the dogs,” he told local news station WTOC. “You wouldn’t know they were there. To my knowledge, I didn’t know that she was a fosterer or rescue worker.”

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing and may lead to additional charges.

9 thoughts on “More than 100 dogs, cats found dead on Georgia woman’s property”
  1. Need to tie her up to a tree somewhere without food or water and just leave her there. And who kept giving her foster animals without ever checking to see why they werent being adopted out needs to be investigated too.

    1. I totally agree with you and when that period of time is over…throw her you know what to the prisoners in jail…they will take care of her their way…and she surely deserves whatever is handed to her.

    2. I agree totally. Negligence of dependent, innocent animals is horrendous! There must be some intense mental illness going on. God bless all the fur babies!

    3. I foster for a Rottweiler Rescue Group. Before I could foster, I was interviewed, references checked, my vet checked and my home and current dogs checked.
      We do NOT adopt without all of the above done as well.

    4. Look at her face! She looks mentally incapacitated! She can’t even take care of herself much less innocent animals. My guess is she saw these animals, but didn’t know any more what to do for them. I’m not making excuses for her, but SOMEONE AROUND HER SHOULD HAVE BEEN MONITORING WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THOSE ANIMALS! Hopefully, the authorities are now checking every other Animal Rescue about the conditions of their animals!
      As for her, judging by her expression, no matter what happens to her, her mind is not all there. I do believe she knows those animals need help, she just doe
      sn’t know how to get that help for them… any more.

      SUPER, SUPER SAD…I used to rescue feral cats. This tears your heart…she will pay for what she did, but she may not understand why she is being punished. If her mind returns and she is cognizant of what she did to those animals, THOSE MEMORIES WILL BE HER PUNISHMENT — and will affect her more than anything else!

  2. She should be given the death penalty, no slap on the wrist liberal, stupid Democrat get out of jail card. Put an end to animal cruelty. All over the world there are stupid, greedy, mean, folks preying on all kinds of animals. Yes even human animals. But all should be protected from Satan and his followers!

  3. A person has to be really, really low to abuse or neglect animals. This is a horrific example of that. Even the picture of the woman appears that she is evil. All of God’s creatures should be protected and loved. This is absolutely shameful. I’m glad they put an end to her “foster” operation.

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