Officials in Montana are searching for a grizzly bear that killed a person early Tuesday.

The grizzly attack happened in the small community of Ovando, state wildlife officials said. The victim was not identified but was a woman described as a camper, NBC Montana reported.

The Powell County Sheriff’s Office said traps have been set in the area and searchers were looking by ground and from the air for the bear.

Ovando is a community of around 60 people about 45 miles east of Missoula.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks said that a grizzly bear was seen on surveillance video from a business in Ovando on Monday night and that a bear got into a chicken coop.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement that campsites are closed through Sunday. “We encourage anyone in the area to be cautious and aware that as of now the bear in question has not been located,” it said.

In April, a backcountry guide died days after being mauled by a large grizzly near West Yellowstone, which is just outside the national park of the same name.

Grizzly bears are federally protected as a threatened species in the lower 48 states.

6 thoughts on “Woman is Attacked by Grizzly Bear While Camping”
  1. No one messes with a Grizzly Bear! No one! Do not approach it and if you see one in the distance, turn around and go the other way.

    Hopefully scare them away) In THE WILDERNESS — plus carry stun guns and guns for protection. Not a 22, that will not stop a large grizzly who is charging you! Know this to be true!

    To those two people’s families who lost a member to a grizzly, your loved ones are in God’s arms and He has quieted their frightened Soul. They are at Peace.

    As man encroaches into the wilderness, there will be more and more tragedies like these unless people prepare themselves about grizzlies and the wildlife around them. Know what animals are out there, protect your life…and also know all those creatures belong there — you are the stranger not them!

  2. well there was only alaska left but america is destroying that also as they have most of america.they don`t care about the animals unless they are shooting them from half a mile away with a high powered rifle and telescopic sight,they call this hunting

  3. We have taken away their natural habitat. They have limited places to go. The woods are their homes. I grew up in the mountains, went camping safely in the mountains. I always had bells, and kept campfires burning. I am very sorry for the deaths, but we have to be careful. The animals don’t know us. Be Safe.

  4. All the bells you mentioned do for a hungry Grizzly is announce that there dinner is ready to be served! I would never go into grizzly territory unless i was carrying a shot gun with 000 buck shot or deer slugs, at a minimum 44 magnum handgun with bullets made for max penetration. I wouldn’t want a grizzly im my house , im sure the grizzly doesn’t want us in his house .

  5. Not all Grizzles hunt men. Those who say that bear shouldn’t be taken down, think nothing of human life!!! Most Grizzles don’t hunt people, but there are crazy bears, just like crazy people. I have lost a loved one and I feel for that woman’s family!! If it were your loved one I bet you would want that bear taken down too.

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