A Minnesota father is planning on suing a gender clinic he claims planned, without his knowledge, to give his autistic son puberty blockers when he was 9 years old. Minnesota law states that both of a child’s parents have equal say in matters regarding education, healthcare, and religious training. Brian Netz was shocked when he discovered that his child’s mother had been taking their then 9-year-old son to a gender affirming clinic without his consent.

While their son had been diagnosed with autism at CentraCare’s Family Health Clinic when he was 4 years old, Netz claimed he was not consulted when treatment was initiated at CentraCare’s Gender Medical Clinic 4 years later. The clinic diagnosed Netz’s son with gender dysphoria and he claims from that point on, more attention was paid to that diagnosis than the diagnosis of autism he had received years earlier.
It was only after a long legal battle that Netz was able to have his voice heard and prevent his son from further visiting the clinic. Medical records showed that the therapist in charge of his son, Troy Weber-Brown, referred to him using female or plural pronouns, and a “female variation of his name.” It was also stated that Weber-Brown claimed Netz’s son identified as a “transgender lesbian.”
Weber-Brown is an advocate of “re-parenting”, which “necessitates that a therapist ‘affirm,’ ‘nurture’ and ‘challenge’ the patient, which means they must ‘respectfully restructure [a] client’s reality’ and “obtain consent to confront skewed reality.”

“My son does need treatment,” Netz said. “It’s gotten so bad. His real problems have been neglected for years. And that’s going to be another one of our arguments in court: that CentraCare is not only not solving the problem, they’ve exacerbated and they’ve stalled real treatment that should be happening because they’ve pinned all of his problems on the fact that he’s a girl stuck in a boy’s body, and they can fix that with hormone therapies and surgeries.”
Netz has enlisted the legal help of attorney Robert C. Roby, and the pair hope that by taking legal action against the clinic, they can set a precedent that would help parents and children in similar situations.

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17 thoughts on “Gender Clinic Tries to Give 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Puberty Blockers”
  1. I have been a professional counselor for 39 years. I have never seen such a dramatic change in psychology and psychiatry in the U.S. like I have in the lasts 5 years. The DSM III and IV listed transgenderism, transvestiteism, and gender dysphoria as a mental illness. Psychiatry and psychology used to include biology and genetic science. To see professionals take a disabled child and transition him into a female is a breech of ethics never before seen in this field. Truly remarkable.


      That Clinic needs to be SHUT DOWN and never again opened! It’s a crime what those perversive people do to enrich their own twisted lives by destroying an innocent, albeit mentally or emotionally distraught, child that can be helped by Professional Therapy and loving parents!

      After researching actions like that clinic and individual studies, my guess is that child’s mother (and I use that term loosely) really wanted a little girl and this was the perfect solution FOR THE MOTHER, NOT THE CHILD! Too bad mother’s like her can’t be prosecuted…

      Thank God that little boy has a loving and caring Father willing to fight for his son’s life! In the end, perhaps the Courts will give the Father full custody so his son can find as normal as possible autistically controlled life! Our prayers are with the Father!

  2. Seems that a gender clinic will only focus on the transgendering of a young boy instead of his autism. The father has a right to challenge them. We didn’t have so much of this years ago but now that our government has made it a “right” for people to decide what gender they want to be, if they want a gender at all, all the GLBTQZYZ wants is to explode the population of mystery gendered people so they take over the world.

  3. 100 years ago American women were granted the right to vote by passage of the 19th amendment. Granting this right was not without controversy! One of the arguments against giving women the vote had to do with intelligence. Specifically, because women were typically smaller than men, their brains were smaller — which is true — and therefore they were less intelligent than men. On the basis SOLELY of this article, if the mother of Brian Netz’s son is a specimen example of women, then it was a HUGE mistake to allow women to vote! To give over a little boy – autistic no less — to a fruit-loop like Troy Weber-Brown is completely stupid. Autistic people reside in their own world. Their brain functioning is different than the rest of most people. When very young, and with superhuman effort and dedication by parents, some are able to overcome their disabiity. Otherwise, they grow into very large, mostly non manageable adults who exist day-by-day. When their parents die, many are left without recourse. It isn’t clear what happens from there, but it is not pretty. With someone like this Weber-Brown (a supposedly biological male with a hyphenated last name — what is going on with that??) further fouling and exacerbating a bad situation, the outcome is predictable, and it will be rotten for all involved. Why does Webere-Brown even allowed to practice? License needs to be cancelled, nver to be renewed or reissued.

    1. The small brain seems to yours, Sir. I agree completely that the mother is a danger to the child, but the big brained males at this clinic are equally at fault, if not more so
      (because of their bigger brains, no doubt). Your complete lack if knowledge about autism is truly appalling. Do some research and keep your ignorant mouth closed so you can keep your big foot out of it.

  4. evil never stops—even with the truth needy children who vile evil people prey on with they sexual desires and distortions! so sad!

  5. As a grandmother of a 15 month old recently diagnosed with autism, I can only imagine what this father is going through. He has already endured the emotional effects of this disease. Why would anyone want to complicate this poor child’s life. Depending on where he is in the spectrum, he may have a likelihood of a rewarding life.
    I applaud his father for stopping these “woke companies from continuing there child endangerment.

  6. I have an autistic grandson and I’m here to tell you that my daughter had a good career and when her son my grandson was diagnosed with autism she gave up her career, went back to school and changed her vocation to “special needs teacher”. She was a single mother who put her son first and went to an extreme to learn, research, ultimately going back to school so she could be 100% on top of her sons diagnosis. My grandson is almost 30 years old now and without the sacrifice and dedication she so selflessly put before anything else in her life (all while raising two more healthy children)
    My grandson was able to go to public school, graduate, and has a part time job. She works to this day effortlessly to make her son self sufficient, able to make food for himself, wash his clothes, hygienically self sufficient, and is a major part and contributor to her family. He is a happy young man and if it wasn’t for my daughters dedication he would most likely have been institutionalized or without a good life.
    This man who got his license out of a “cracker jack box” should have his license stripped away .
    Never to be allowed around any child again, he’s repugnant on every level. Shame on the mother and hooray for the father. I’m praying the father wins this case hands down (shouldn’t even be a discussion) and he can get the real help, dedication, and love it takes to raise a special needs person. It doesn’t end when they reach adult age it’s a life long responsibility and it comes with a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and ultimately joy. There are so many wonderful options to help this father, guide him in the directions best for his son. Good luck to you sir and to your son, he’s lucky he has you.

  7. I hope this father wins his fight for his son. No autistic child can tell if they are transgender, for that matter no 9 year old is capable of making that choice. That mother is a sick twisted individual.

    1. Agreed 100%! The mother is in need of psychological help!!! HOW WOULD SHE LIKE IT IF SOMEONE TOOK HER TO THAT CLINIC AND CHANGED HER SEX TO MALE??
      Take her child away and give full custody to the Father who REALLY LOVES AND CARES FOR HIS SON!

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