We should all be able to agree that extreme climate change anxiety is largely coming from the political left.  If you took at the issue of legalizing and normalizing marijuana, it, too, is more or less a left-wing issue.  Therein lies the dilemma for those on the port side of the political divide.

The UN recently issued a report that said the warming of the planet has reached a Code Red level.  In terms of left-wing ideology, that means we must IMMEDIATELY take the severest measures to prevent the extinction of the human race.  I wish that was hyperbole, but many climate change activists have made that very prediction.  And in their minds, our extinction is not very far off.

I was personally hoping that I would not be around for human extinction, but the way the environmental Chicken Little’s are talking, I may be around for the end – at least the beginning of the end.  In the meantime, I will avoid living in places prone to flooding and forest fires.  I suppose that means a move out of Florida.

The UN Report says the earth has not been this hot for 2000 years.  That is about the time of Christ.  That was before the Industrial age and the massive use of fossil fuels.  So, why was the earth so hot – and what caused the earth to cool down?  That information was not in the report.

This commentary is not about the Report, however.  I will save that for a later commentary.  It is more about what the left is willing to do about the Report and the cataclysmic conditions that will be manifest in the near future.  You see … the scientific community has issued another scary report dealing with climate change.  It also has to do with human activities and habits that are supposedly driving up world temperatures.  It has to do with that old bugaboo – the carbon footprint.

We already know about the car as a major source of toxic emissions.  So, we will all be forced into glorified electric golf carts by 2035.  We know about all those airplanes.  So, some of the climate change extremists are suggesting that the entire world population be put on a no-fly list.  Of course, there are all those cattle and sheep that are flatulating us into extinction.

Now … researchers at Colorado State University have found a new culprit.  Pot.  Weed.  Marijuana.  The vice of choice for the younger generation – especially those of a more progressive persuasion.

For every 1000 joints – about a year’s supply for a three-a-day user – 2 to 5 tons of Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere.  That is in the range of an averaged gas-guzzling automobile.  And what if the pot smoker also drives?

The reason for the high carbon footprint is because the vast majority of marijuana – legal and illegal – is grown inside, where it requires lighting and warmth. If all pot was grown outside, the Carbon Dioxide emissions would drop by 96 percent.  That leaves only one option.

If a pot smoker is one of those with a high level of anxiety over climate change, they are facing a dilemma.  Should they stop smoking pot?  Or … maybe they should inhale until they no longer give a damn about climate change?

So. There ‘tis.

12 thoughts on “Science puts the left in a conundrum”
  1. I think climate is something the left wants us to believe, but earth hasn’t warmed 1 degree in the past 100 years, it’s all about pushing the green new deals. You can find articles on youtube to that will tell you that’s true. Let’s vote out of office every democrats for lying to us. They truly want to bankrupt it’s in order to get the world reset done. Wake up people!!!!!!!

  2. This has to be one of the most ridiculous farcical bad of tripe I have ever had the displeasure of reading. The entire piece is ignorant spotrfu and ridiculous at it’s core. The entire supposition relies on the idea that somehow one who partakes can not be a conservative and only a brain dead liberal that simply can not form an opinion. I haven’t heard drivel like this since my grandfather spoke of the evil weed and its users propensity towards violence while having a side chick and drinking every night. What gives anyone the claim to moral high ground? Clean your own house because I for one don’t waste my time enlightening fools

  3. CO2 is not pollution, it’s plant food. So what if the planet heats up that will open millions of acres of farmland in Russia and Canada. Cold kills far more people the heat ever has, heat is good for life, the most biodiverse places on the earth are not the polar regions it’s the hot nasty equatorial rain forests.
    warming is conducive to life. you can live in the desert without AC but you cant live in the mountains without burning fuel for heat.

  4. They also pump CO2 into the greenhouses to increase speed of growth. The lefties push these programs and think their crap doesn’t stink. The promise of all pot tax going to schools is crap also. They all make promises and no one holds them to them. Then they make excuses and project their crap on others. Look at cuomo. He should be in prison for what he’s done yet he’ll skate with a pension. Leftists should be outlawed.

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