Is President Biden “hiding” on vacation in Delaware to avoid the numerous failures experienced by his administration and the Democrats this past week?

It has been a bad week for Biden and the Democrats. The President – faced some major mistakes and mishaps in recent days, from the Pentagon confirming that a “tragic mistake” led to 10 civilians in Afghanistan dying in a drone strike, to the Food and Drug Administration rejecting his vaccine booster proposal – all while POTUS headed to the beach for vacation. 

“So the US drone strike did NOT kill any ISIS-K but did kill ten innocent civilians, including seven children. Unbelievable. The Biden administration is a sad, tragic mess and an utter embarrassment on the world stage!” Trump-era White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany tweeted on Friday.

It was a sad day for the Pentagon when the US military was forced to admit that the drown strike in response to the bombings at the Kabul airport killed no ISIS-K operatives as originally reported, but instead ten civilians – including children!

“As the combatant commander, I am fully responsible for this strike and its tragic outcome,” McKenzie said. 

“I offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie’s announcement follows White House press secretary Jen Psaki and others in the administration describing the Aug. 29 drone strike as a success amid the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan last month. 

But now, the White House is facing even more criticisms on its Afghanistan handling, following harsh blowback it already received when 13 US service members were killed in Kabul by a suicide bomber.

From Bad to Worse

Exposing Biden’s failures in Afghanistan as even worse than we all originally thought was only part of the bad news for the vacationing President who continues to see his popularity number dwindle. An FDA panel rejected distributing booster shots to the general public but recommended Pfizer’s booster for high-risk people aged 65 and older after the Biden administration pushed to roll out a booster shot campaign on Sept. 20.

And, Biden took another blow on the international stage when long-time ally, France pulled its ambassador to the US from Washington, DC, following the announcement of a pact between Australia, the US, and the UK to give Australia nuclear-powered submarines in what is seen as an effort to counter China.

This all as the crisis on the Southern Border continues to explode, exposing another gross Biden failure with hundreds of migrants crossing the border into Texas on Saturday.

“This situation has completely spiraled out of control,” Fox News’s Bill Melugin said Saturday while in Del Rio, Texas, showing hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the US, many of whom are from Haiti.

5 thoughts on “Biden Hides On Vacation Amidst Multitudes of Democratic Failures”
  1. Biden and his dictators are deplorable beings, impeach the whole clan!
    His last speech was just a pack of lies and false promises. Ignoring Afghanistan disaster, border overrun with covid illegals. European countries now realize that Trump was a leader, respected and feared for his love of America.

  2. Whoever ordered the drone strike that killed those 7 children needs to be thrown in jail aka Biden and all the POSs that approved the strike all need to be brought up on international crimes where’s the un now if that was President Trump who did this the piglosi s and shitmers would be asking for his head Biden is the most un ethical unAmerican president ever IMPEACH before any more children are killed by the Biden/ Harris dictatorship

    1. Biden is an example of a hanger on in Washington who has not a clue what he is doing. In addition to needless people being killed in Afghanistan, now hundreds if not thousands of people are swarming into our country over the Southern border that we no nothing about while he enjoys a holiday. What an absolute dimwit. Who voted for this moron?

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