A man dressed in Hasidic attire was captured gunning down a 47-year-old victim near John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Monday, the New York Daily News reported.

Surveillance video shows the man, who police believe is a Black man dressed in Hasidic clothes and a face mask, working on his white car with the hood up as he waited for the victim to arrive. Once the victim approached his own car, the suspect ran over and shot him in the head from behind, killing him.

The suspect then ran back to his car, put the hood down, and drove off. Police believe the suspect, who has not been caught yet, was wearing the attire as a disguise.

“I just finished breakfast and came out to have a smoke,” a nearby resident told the paper. “Everybody was running away … I see everybody staring at something across the street but I didn’t go see what it was.”

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