“Government should not be involved in this decision, government has no place in this decision, political candidates do not belong in this decision. This has to be a personal choice, this has to be, and it has to be something that you end up talking with your doctors about and you make that decision based on the data and based on the science, not based off of political pressure,” Giuliani explained.

He added that taking the vaccine should not be a matter of heavy-handed politicians telling voters, “‘If ultimately they didn’t take the carrot then we’re going to give them the stick and fire people.’” Giuliani added, “It’s horrendous, this is beyond disgusting, this doesn’t even feel like America anymore.” Prior to his run, Andrew Giuliani spent four years in the Trump administration serving as a White House aide.

Giuliani appears to have delivered this speech at the New York Capitol during a protest against highly controversial mandates for the vaccines, something that have become a major political issue, with Democrats and establishment Republicans seeking to mandate the controversial vaccines as a condition for employment at most companies.

New York City has some of the most severe restrictions for the unvaccinated, or those without a vaccine passport – dubbed the ‘Excelsior Pass’ in the city – of any state, city, or county in the United States. Those without a vaccine passport are not permitted to eat inside restaurants or enter certain entertainment venues and buildings.

The state and city’s COVID-19 tyranny resulted in a massive protest last weekend, when a crowd of thousands took to the streets to support medical freedom. At various times, the crowd broke into chants of “F**k Joe Biden” as the protest meandered through the city streets.

Elsewhere, in Lowville, New York, a hospital announced that it will temporary stop delivering babies due to the mass exodus of nurses and other healthcare workers who opted to be fired or resign rather than accept one of the controversial vaccines and accompanying vaccine passport. 27% of the hospital’s 165 workers have yet to receive a COVID vaccine, thus making them ineligible for employment starting on September 27.

Original Article: https://nationalfile.com/new-york-governor-candidate-andrew-guiliani-takes-stand-against-vaccine-passports-mandates/

4 thoughts on “Giuliani’s son stands up against NY mandates”
  1. Way to go nurses, give the tyrannical rulers the finger. Hope one of them is in need of a nurse’s care when you are not there to provide it. P.S. Hope you have a massive and win law suite to compensate you for your aggravation.

  2. I was told that I have to have a shot by Oct 7 or face possible termination. Biden told me I have to starve to death. I decided it would be the better choice to be terminated and starve to death than to live under the changeable-as-the-wind-blows mandates. We all (if we were fortunate to go to schools that didn’t change national histories) know how undependable science can be. It was science that once told the nations that sun went around Earth, flu shots give you flu, everything was formed from The Big Bang (without explanation where the Big Bang came from!!), sugar makes kids hyperactive,….you get the idea, if you’re one of the fortunate ones. ….not one of the Left or socialists or biased and ignorant followers of anti-American misinformation….

  3. Right on….not mandates in place of people’s rights. ….no government intrusion… Unless you follow the science. You know, how science led us to believe we can get the flu from the flu shot, the sun revolved around the Earth, roaches and other bugs grew from dirt around the house…..yeah, nice to follow mind-changers who like to be doctors and politicians. May your next brain surgeon be one of them.

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