Remember when former President Barack Obama said that for a society to be healthy and functioning, it must have a “common baseline of facts”?

Democratic Party leaders missed the memo.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California claimed Wednesday that the Border Patrol’s recent treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers illegally entering the United States is “worse than slavery.”

“What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years,” the congresswoman said. “What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”

She added, “Cowboys with their reins, again, whipping Black people, Haitians, into the water where they’re scrambling and falling down when all they’re trying to do is escape from violence in their country.”

The congresswoman continued, saying she is “pissed.”

“I’m unhappy, and I’m not just unhappy with the cowboys, who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them,” Waters said. “I’m unhappy with the administration.”

“We are following the Trump policy. He is the one that does not follow the Constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to be able to petition to get into the country,” the California congresswoman claimed. “What the hell are we doing here?”

Waters didn’t leave it at just that.

“I want to know, in the first place, who’s paying these cowboys to do this work?” she said. “They’ve got to be gotten rid of. They’ve got to be stopped. It cannot go on.”

“We are here, and we are organized, and we are saying to the president and everybody else, ‘You got to stop this madness,'” Waters added.

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts had similar criticism for border agents.

“As we speak out against the cruel, the inhumane, and the flat-out racist treatment of our Haitian brothers and sisters at the southern border,” Pressley said Wednesday, “we cannot and must not look away in this moment.”

“Haitian lives are black lives and if we truly believe that black lives matter, then we must reverse course. The Biden administration must immediately and indefinitely halt all deportations of Haitian migrants,” the Massachusetts congresswoman added. “It must affirm and guarantee the right to due process for those seeking asylum and it must use every resource available to support those fleeing this humanitarian crisis on the island.”

Their comments are based on an already debunked lie . Members of the press this weekend spread a falsehood, alleging mounted law enforcement officers struck asylum-seekers with whips. Photo and video evidence from Del Rio, Texas, where Haitians are crossing into the U.S., show no such thing happened. Rather, the images show mounted officers used their reins to control their horses and corral some refugees. Reporters and Democratic officials have since adjusted the narrative to allege border officials used their reins like whips. Whatever suits the occasion.

Even if law enforcement officials had used whips on the Haitians flooding across the U.S. border, it is most certainly not “worse than slavery.” That is insane, and I can’t believe I’m the one who has to say this.

How does one even communicate with people so clearly divorced from reality?

Perhaps Obama was right. Perhaps a society can’t function properly when, in defiance of all available evidence and data, people cling to their own version of “facts.”

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21 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Do Black Lives Matter? Haitian treatment ‘worse than slavery’”
  1. She is so out of touch and so extremely far left and should be outed of her position. She is a disgrace to our country!

  2. Maxi why are you making your hair like a white woman’s? Or is that a wig (same question) because your fried brain burned off you natural hair.

  3. dim wit inc. brought the illegals under the bridges and treated them like animinals. now they think while running away from border patroll is treating them bad. idiots do not know the difference between a while and a horse reins. OH BY THE WAy did you kown? Back when they were fighting Indians and British?? do you know what punishment was used on whites for drunkness, desertions, breaking the rules, etc. ?? LASHES is what the whip was called then. so many lashed for each punishment. wow white people had the whip used on them. on ships the same punishment was used. Oh yes many free blacks fought the British along with with the whites. for the freedom for you communist to try to be WANTA BE DICTATORS. too dumb to be dictators though.

  4. Maxine Waters is a rich, stupid woman. Why, why, why do the poor, stupid people keep voting her into office. Shy of her dying in office (and they would probably prop her up and leave her there since she’s already preserved, like Nancy Pelosi) you can’t remove her with a steam shovel. She talks about stuff she doesn’t know a thing about. She just a racist through and through.

  5. Waters sounds like she is the one who is racist. With her every thing revolves
    around race. The color of these people from Haiti has nothing to do with
    anything. They are coming to this country illegally. How many more people
    can we take in? The border agents are only doing there job. Americans
    are out of work. inflation is rampant, The covid virus is still with us. Why
    would we take in more people that we know nothing about. Where are they
    going to get jobs, how are they going to afford to live, and are they vaccinated?
    My money won’t stretch any further. Do we give out more stimulus checks
    to these illegal people too? Waters needs to keep her foul, racist mouth closed.
    My heart looks at people and sees no color. People are the same regardless
    of the color of their skin. Enough is enough with having all these extra people
    enter out country. We need to get our house in order first. Everything out of
    Waters mouth is about race. She makes me sick.

  6. If black lives really mattered to Maxine and Ayanna why aren’t they taking there sorry asses to Chicago or philly or Louisville where black KIDS are being shot and killed every single Fing day I don’t see any one of the two clowns or BLM marching for these poor kids killed by gun violence

  7. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California misses the point these are “Haitian asylum-seekers illegally entering the United States” They need to stay in there country and help rebuild. USA does not need quitters or runners. They need to elect a new president, rebuild a government, and be good citizens.

  8. Maxine Waters is a clueless old woman that is only looking for the spot light to shine on her. She has absolutely no common sense! aka brain dead!

  9. The Bureaucrats such as ICE or the Border Patrols – unelected Bureaucrats – just do what they want to do regardless of what elected officials direct them to do. The picture you show shows horse riders attacking people who have food and doing no harm. What’s different than using whips, horse reins, etc. on people trying to take food for themselves and probably others, who maybe being forced to defend themselves and their property, and are not attacking these bureaucrats.

  10. I find Maxine Waters one of the most disgusting people in the US Congress. It is because of individuals like Waters that this country is in such a divided, dying state. Because I have no respect or trust when it comes to Waters, nothing she has to say is believable. Waters should go way back and sit down!

  11. Maxine Waters has always had an Intelligence Quotient lower than the dirt I walk no rational person would believe anything “Mad Maxipads” Waters thinks and says or that it should be given serious thought.

  12. Waters is a disgusting Racist POS who is living large on the backs of poor American minorities. People like her need to be run out of Congress on a rail as they are poisonous to ALL Americans.

  13. what a disgrace to this country. she is a plantation black that has never left the plantation of the demon rats and loves kissing their asses even if it means insulting, lying, acting like a evil clown. she is their puppet and she will dance their tune no matter how it makes her look. she is a either a idiot of a judas to her own people. what ever the master says she will betray herself, her country and her people for all the junk that surrounds her in the big house in slave land and she is as old as the hills of the Rockies so she may not be around for long and wait until this evil clown sees what she will be going for eternity. the party that calls themselves democrats should be taken down. they are an group of evilness who are not democratic at all but the new version of the communist. where government and their human components view themselves as gods of the world and we are their worshiping slaves. and when we go against them than we should be shot. it is them that showed be shot, destroyed like the old gods of the Roman and Greeks that were destroyed for the people had enough of those gods as well. they were probably just regular joes who thought their shit doesn’t stink but it stunk to high heavens. and this cow has proven to be another ass kissing demon rat

  14. I think Maxine Waters is the biggest racist of all. She has absolutely no business in Congress.
    It is because of creatures like Waters that this country is so, so divided. When there is an evil, vindictive piece of t————, there is only one thing to do with it. THROW IT OUT!

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