For the past year, many of us have had a growing concern that the narrative we have all been told about the covid 19 pandemic and vaccination efforts by the CDC, FDA and WHO has been misrepresented with data irregularities and false conjecture around the information said to be available. From the death counts, sick rates, vaccination side effects, natural immunity, vaccine efficiency, mask efficiency, censorship on alternative treatments, job losses, business closures and mandates, a rising tide of questions without answers has swept over global populations from the United States and around the world. Looking at the massive profits gained by vaccine producers over the past year, it is only just for people to be able to look deeper into the matter to ensure that the truth is being told and that the actual science is what is being shared. 

While many of those asking questions have been censored from social media and silenced from sharing their views or opinions to the public, some have managed to break through the presented illusions of the current narrative to seek answers to questions about the possibility that the data available has been manipulated to fit a targeted narrative here that has been more beneficial to companies seeking profits and governments seeking power than individual people seeking healthcare, freedom and general well being. 

From reporting by Just the News, a group of Senators from Oregon have recently teamed up with the nonprofit organization Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) in an effort to seek a grand jury investigation into the potential for data manipulation during the covid 19 pandemic. The group initially wrote a letter on August 16th on the matter, but didn’t release the full data in question until recent weeks due to a said need to protect their resources. Senators include Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, who petitioned US Attorney Scott Asphaug to approve an investigation. 

In their claims, some of the key issues involve the CDC’s push to emphasize that any death be labeled as due to covid 19 and to take the focus away from any pre-existing conditions that may have led to death. This alone is against a 2003 federal manual that suggests to record infectious diseases as a contributor to death rather than the main cause. It also puts into question the validity of PCR tests that are said to be known to produce false positives, which account for establishing the data that backs decisions made to lockdown areas and to close businesses and schools. The report also questions the efforts to minimize the usage of known alternative treatments, such as vitamin D intake and ivermectin. Finally, it questions the efforts of health leaders to ignore the benefits of natural immunity.

The generic grand jury petition begins its testimony with the headline “on behalf of all concerned citizens” and goes on to describe the issues at hand. 

One of the lead authors, founder of the Oregon Energetic Health Institute Henry Ealy, said, “Why would the CDC decide against using a system of data collection and reporting they authored, and which has been in use nationwide for 17 years without incident, in favor of an untested and unproven system exclusively for covid 19 without discussion and peer review?”

Director of Connecticut’s Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Sin Hang Lee said that the biotech companies who have produced, “questionable test results to move the goalposts arbitrarily in defining covid 19 infections for statistics to cover up various business agendas at the expense of public interest” and that it is “virtually impossible for the public to trust the data they are being presented and the public health policies based upon this data.”

These same questions have been circulating the undercurrents of the media narrative, with even the New York Times reporting last year that data collected in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada showed that viral loads of people who tested positive were too small to be infectious in upwards of 90% of documented positives.

Relationship manager for SHF told Just the News that, “I’m not sure there has ever been an allegation of government wrongdoing on this scale.”

Looking at everything that has happened over the past year between the pandemic, its origins, its effect on the global economy and its effects from governments against the well being of humans worldwide, she might just be right that there has never been allegations of government wrongdoing on this scale. If you believe the election was full of problems, at least nobody’s lives were lost and nobody’s families were torn apart by the possibility of its occurrence. With the pandemic, we have a completely different story where the narrative here has drastically changed everyone around the world’s daily life and put human freedom under question depending on which country or state you live in. 

What the science actually says truly matters. How data is collected, represented and shared on the world stage matters. If we are to know the actual truth of the science, we must strive to be thorough, honest, open and correct. We cannot allow those who stand to profit off of the pain and fear of everyone else to control the narrative when it comes to science or what is said to be factual.

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