AT&T Corporation has a new racial reeducation program that contends “racism is a uniquely white trait” and promotes left-wing causes such as reparations, defunding police and trans activism.​

Christopher F. Rufo, whose investigations propelled the anti-Critical Race Theory movement among public school parents, obtained internal documents about AT&T’s initiative, called “Listen Understand Act.”

It’s based on the core principles of Critical Race Theory (CRT), including “intersectionality,” “systemic racism,” ‘white privilege” and “white fragility,” writes Rufo in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, for which he is a contributing editor.

Rufo, a senior fellow at the institute said, AT&T CEO John Stankey launched the program last year. The chief executive told employees that private corporations have an “obligation to engage on this issue of racial injustice” and push for “systemic reforms in police departments across the country.”

According to a senior employee, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, managers at AT&T are now assessed annually on diversity issues, Rufo said. The managers are required to participate in programs such as discussion groups, book clubs, mentorship programs and race reeducation exercises.

White employees, the source said, must confess their complicity in “white privilege” and “systemic racism” or be penalized in performance reviews. Employees are asked to sign a loyalty pledge to “keep pushing for change,” including “reading more about systemic racism” and “challenging others’ language that is hateful.

“if you don’t do it,” the senior employee said, “you’re (considered) a racist.”

Walmart has a similar training program, and the DCPATRIOT wrote on that a few days ago, that asserts whites are inherently racist and the United States is a “white supremacy system” designed by white Europeans “for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege,” according to internal documents obtained by Rufo.

AT&T employees are urged to read an article titled “White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror,” which is on the first page of the company’s Listen Understand Act internal portal.

“White people, you are the problem. Regardless of how much you say you detest racism, you are the sole reason it has flourished for centuries,” it states.

Author Dahleen Glanton writes that “American racism is a uniquely white trait” and that “Black people cannot be  racist.”

She contends white women “have been telling lies on black men since they were first brought to America in chains.” Along with their white male counterparts, Glanton continued, white women “enjoy opportunities and privileges that white supremacy affords (them).”

In the “Act” section of the training program, AT&T urges employees to participate in a “21-day Racial Equity Habit Challenge” that relies on the concepts of “whiteness,” “white privilege” and “white supremacy.”

Employees are instructed to “do one action (per day for 21 days) to further (their) understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.”

The challenge begins with a series of lessons claiming “white supremacy (is) baked into our country’s foundation.

“Whiteness is one of the biggest and most long-running scams ever perpetrated,” it says, and the “weaponization of whiteness” creates a “constant barrage of harm” for minorities.

The 21-Day Challenge also directs employees to articles and videos promoting “reparations,” “defund police” and “trans activism.”

Twitter user “Dr. Interracial” reacted to the AT&T program, calling for a boycott of the company.
In July, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter about President Biden’s stance on (CRT)  in light of a National Education Association resolution defending it.

Psaki didn’t push back on the use of the term (CRT), replying that children should learn about existing “systemic racism.”

“The president believes that in our history, there are many dark moments and there is not just slavery and racism in our history, there is systemic racism that is still impacting society today,” she said.

Last Tuesday, a mother told the Loudon County, Virginia, school board she moved her 6-year-old daughter to a private school after she “somberly came to me and asked if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school.”

The DCPATRIOT appreciates Art Moore and WND News Center for contents in this article.

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20 thoughts on “AT&T Wants Employees To Think White People Are The Problem”
  1. No white people are not the problem. AT & T companies like you and other s are the big problem STUPID PEOPLE LIKE YOU

    1. I agree that is way I got out of AT&T years ago, they support abortion anything good is bad in their eyes just like the democratic communist politicians judges, anything good right and moral is wrong in these people eyes

  2. It seems this is a two way road. AT&T has been the most expensive business to deal with for phones and internet for a very long time now and you had to have a contract. WHY? Maybe so they can get all your private information to turn against us? That ‘s exactly what has happened. So who is the problem here? Who works for AT&T? Mostly white people. Did AT&T only hire mostly white people to keep the blacks in a minority of hiring? Who owns AT&T? A white supremist? or a Black supremist? AT&T IS the problem, not white people. We are ALL created equal in the Lord’s name. SO, AT&T-get off your high horse pedestal! We are all about to get rid of you. Get other internet and phones. So many people are now going to drop you. And they should!

  3. AT&T is a problem. Many years ago they were the only company that laid people off. Since then they have gotten more powerful buying companies and laying off the staff. They continue to get greedier and more apt to be a leftistcompany. After working for them and seeing their approach to hire minority before whites this is typical. I wish this company would completely go under along with the leadership. They have no integrity, ethics, or any clue of right from wrong. They have proved it time and time again! This is not a surprise! Garbage company!

    1. Several years ago, they had big layoffs and told their loyal employees that they were stupid. I don’t think they could get by with that language today.

  4. Thanks for the info. A good reason to change my carrier when I update my ancient phone. I’ll be sure to let them know the reason too.

  5. Maybe IF the Incompetent Mangement of AT&T would pay MORE Attention to Increasing Shareholder Value than wasting Company Time and Money on this Worthless Woke Nonsense, the Stock Performance would NOT be one of worse in the S&P for Years! Time to get RID of this Feckless Management and if the Board won’t do it, the Shareholders MUST.

    Message to Dahleen Glanton: If White People are racists, it is people like you that are the Cause. Of course, could it be because Black Males commit 44% (estimates) of the crime?

  6. They also have white employees train non-white’s and then either demote or replace white employees. A T & T needs to go. Verizon isn’t much better, but……

  7. How many are the executives of AT&T are white? I assume they will now step aside and let a minority race have their position.

  8. ATT does not have to worry about me spending one penny with there Company. They send me letters all the time trying to get me to spend money with them. I never will now knowing how they are using reverse racism against the very people you have helped make them rich!

  9. As a At&t customer for many years, I am shocked that any CEO would make such a divisive statement. Good by AT&T, hello Comcast.

  10. It no only the ATT, but NBA, Baseball, all sport in this nation, has been bless with white peoples, and they said they don’t need us, because we are white. They need to go Russia.,to Cuba, to see,if the going to said that white peoples are the problem. Look basketball, Football., Baseball majority ther black people. I’m not against any color. Because Jesus Make like.that, Jesus don’t see color, He See tha heart of the person.

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