Famed Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera says Biden is getting things done, but he is doing everything “ass-backward!”

Geraldo’s comments came during a recent broadcast of “The Five,” where while doing a panel, he and the five co-hosts shared pot-shots at Biden and the Democrats. 

During the show, “The Five” slammed the Biden administration for being “clueless” and ignoring and downplaying the needs of the American people on rising costs of food, oil, and other necessities due to worsening supply chain bottlenecks and rising inflation. 

“President [Joe] Biden is proving he’s totally clueless,” co-host Jesse Watters said. “[The president is] turning a blind eye to the problems plaguing the country, including rising gas prices, massive inflation, and an energy crisis all being made worse by his policies.”

The Keystone Pipeline, a system that ran through the U.S. and Canada and carried oil underground, was terminated after Biden revoked the rights for a key permit on the project in January. In August, the Biden administration asked OPEC to produce more oil in order to cap off rising oil prices.

The panel went on to discuss how the tone of the White House appears to be indifference. 

“The White House [is] now playing cleanup after getting called out over a plan to shut down the pipeline in Michigan and now says it’s only reviewing building a new one … the White House [is] basically telling Americans, ‘Too bad. Just deal with it,’” Watters said.

Dagen McDowell, another of “The Five,” added that Democrats are ignoring the unflattering polls and political fallout and plan to stuff America with radical policies like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

“What they see is they’re going to ignore the polls. And they see this [and] even ignored the election, the losses in Virginia because they see this window closing now,” McDowell said. “They’ve got one year to push through this incredibly divisive but left-wing agenda, this scary-ass worldview they’re imposing … It’s all about not just bigger government but more centralized government. Europe on steroids. And certainly, [it’s about giving] more power to those in power.”

Co-host Dana Perino added that the American people don’t want what the radical left is selling.

“Basically, what they’ve done is say we’re not going to pay attention to the things you care about, even though people are saying, no, these are the things we care about. And they still ignore them,” she said. 

Americans are just starting to feel the pinch of increased energy costs, according to Perino. 

“Winter is just beginning … [and the Biden administration is] not doing anything to increase supply except for asking OPEC to help. That’s a bad position to be in.”

But it was perhaps Geraldo himself, serving as a guest panelist who put it best, concluding that the Afghanistan debacle was indicative of a wider trend of the Biden White House – getting things done “ass-backward.”

“I think Afghanistan is very instructive because in Afghanistan, they had good intentions, and they did it ass-backward,” Rivera said. “Instead of evacuating the civilians first, they evacuated the military [and] civilians [got] stuck … The same thing is happening with fossil fuels. They want to eliminate fossil fuels [so] they cut down on the supply of fossil fuels in furtherance of that goal way before the alternative has been developed. So … it’s ass-backward.”

 “I think that that is very instructive of his thought process and how they are reacting almost in knee jerk fashion to whatever it is, it’s very improvisational, and I find it distressing,” he added.

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