Mega Podcaster and UFC Announcer Joe Rogan says that Google is “hiding information” about vaccine-related deaths, and that because of it he has stopped using their search engine.

In an interview with the New York Times Alex Berenson last week, Rogan fired off shots at Big Tech censorship.

“What is the source of all this? What’s the epicenter of bulls**t?” Rogan asked, according to the outlet, adding, “Specifically in my case, where they’re saying, ‘horse dewormer.’ Like why? Who’s doing that?”

Berenson replied that pollsters are looking at focus groups and that “when they’re talking about ‘horse dewormer,’ there’s somebody out there who’s spending a couple million dollars a month or whatever it is to make sure … ‘Oh, this is not for humans, it’s for animals.’ They are testing all that language, and that is one reason why it sounds so similar,” the Daily Wire said.

Rogan replied with a doozy of a claim concerning Google and his use of it:

It’s one of the reasons I stopped using Google to search things, too. They’re doing something to curate information. Where, like, if I wanted to find specific cases about people who died from vaccine-related injuries, I had to go to DuckDuckGo. I wasn’t finding them on Google. And I’m like, “OK, well this is crazy.” Like, “you guys are hiding information.” I’m looking for very specific people and very specific cases, and I’m getting CDC websites, and I’m getting articles on the disinformation attached to vaccines, and vaccines being safe and effective, which for the most part they are — just like peanuts are safe and effective for the most part, you know?

Rogan also has been counterpunching quite a bit of late:

A day after his interview with Berenson, he brutally took to task CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta over his network’s “lie” that Rogan took “horse dewormer” to battle his COVID-19 infection.

“Does it bother you that the news network you work for out-and-out lied?” Rogan asked him. “Just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?”

Gupta confessed, “They shouldn’t have said that.”

Yet later on Wednesday, CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Gupta about his chat with Rogan, and the pair completely glossed over Rogan’s assertion that network ‘lied’ about him taking horse dewormer, as Lemon put on a spin-and-semantics clinic.

Even CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham ripped the cable network Friday for its “dishonest” reporting on Joe Rogan and ivermectin.

“Rogan is right that it’s dishonest to say he took horse dewormer when he did not. It was irresistible to dunk on him for a lot of people, so they went with that instead of sticking to ‘hey, this anti-parasitic isn’t recommended for COVID treatment,’ which would’ve been credible,” Ham wrote on social media, adding that CNN’s inaccurate “horse dewormer” framing was “horses**t.”

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  1. I honestly believe the government is LYING about EVERYTHING about Covid. Inflating numbers of cases and hiding the number of deaths from getting the actual Covid vaccine. All bad effects from the vaccine are hidden. Personal injury FROM the vaccine is also well hidden

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