Those in the know, know that the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is really not so secret code for “F*ck Joe Biden. Now, the Trump campaign is raising money by selling T-shirts emblazoned with the not-so-flattering euphemism.

The Trump campaign team sent out an email Thursday offering “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts in return for any campaign donation of $45 or more. 

The email reads in part: “You’ve probably heard it being chanted anywhere patriotic Americans get together. Well, now, President Trump has put America’s favorite new phrase on a custom shirt. That’s right. President Trump has just authorized the release of his brand-new, limited-edition ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’ shirts.”

The email goes on to say that the T-shirt is in “high demand” and is stated in the email as being “low stock.” The email advertises it by stating, “Whether you’re at a concert, football game, or just out for a walk in the park; you’re probably going to hear someone say ‘LET’S GO, BRANDON.’ Now you can have a shirt to match.”

If you do not know how the now-viral phrase got started, “let’s go Brandon” first came into popularity at a NASCAR race in Alabama, according to ABC 4. It was initially used in reference to NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, but when people chant or type “Brandon,” they are not usually actually cheering for the NASCAR racer.

The phrase went viral after Brown was interviewed by Kelli Stavas. In the background of the interview, the crowd in the stands was chanting a political statement -“F*ck Joe Biden,” 

But whether she was just trying to save face for the beleaguered president, or she actually could not make out what the fans were shouting – Stavas said, “As you can hear the chants from the crowd — ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’” Stavas incorrectly stated while speaking with Brown, ABC 4 reports. 

Since then, the meme has taken off, spreading across social media and being mentioned by high-ranking politicians. 

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) posted a picture of his “Let’s Go Brandon” apparel on his Facebook page. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has embraced the phrase, as has many other high-ranking GOP members, not to mention millions of Trump supporters.

According to the Miami Herald, a rapper has also released a “Let’s Go Brandon” rap song. The song has been topping iTunes charts for days on end.

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