In an op-ed posted last night, The Wall Street Journal shockingly referred to the Democrats’ $4.9-trillion “Build Back Better” boondoggle as the “Big Con.” The newspaper’s editorial board is actually suggesting that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and other Democrats “call the whole thing off.”

The WSJ insists the bill is “fiscal fantasy.” As for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the tax-and-spend plan is “fully paid for,” they call that “the lie of the year.” Ouch.

The Daily Wire also discussed the WSJ’s comments:

President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies have consistently said that Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Plan’ will add zero dollars to the deficit. This — of course — is mathematically impossible, but the Democratic party and their pals in the media have repeated it often enough in hopes it becomes true.

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal editorial board issued a blistering column, explaining why the true cost of the BBB plan is at least $3 trillion over a 10-year span of time and calling the claim zero dollars the “lie of the year”:

We’ve been telling you for months that the plan’s advertised cost of $1.75 trillion over 10 years includes multiple budget gimmicks that disguise the real cost. The Penn Wharton Budget Model has scored the 10-year cost at about $4.6 trillion, but the White House keeps claiming against all evidence that the cost is “zero.”

Now comes the Congressional Budget Office to report that the claim of zero cost is a Big Con. CBO, a political outfit beholden to Congress, can’t be so blunt. It is constrained by budget conventions imposed by Congress. But even under those conventions, CBO has said the bill would add $200 billion to the deficit over 10 years.

Enter Sens. Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn, who asked CBO director Phillip Swagel to add up the cost of the bill that recently passed the House if all of its programs were made permanent. This is a more honest accounting because Democrats admit both that they want to make the spending permanent and that they’ve adjusted programs to make them fit under the Senate budget rules so they can pass with a mere 51 votes (including Vice President Kamala Harris).

Do we really have any men or women in Congress that have the courage to act for the American people?  This bill no doubt pays for all the Democrat garbage projects and efforts to steal this country from now for at least the next 50 years.

It’s not Build Back Better – it’s the lie of the year.

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