“Projecting” is a word psychologists use to describe accusing others of your own traits.  In recent years, Democrats and the left (but I repeat myself) are using projecting as a foundational political strategy.


They are using it to accuse Republican legislatures of drawing election maps – particularly congressional maps – to achieve political goals.  In other words, to create more probable Republican districts.  Of course, they are.

Redistricting for political advantage is not known.  The word “gerrymander” was coined in 1803 by the Boston Gazette to describe the work of one Elbridge Gerry.  They said he created a district that looked like a salamander.

So yes, when in control of redesigning the electoral maps, Republicans are coming up with districts that are more likely than not to produce more Republican congressmen from their state.  It goes in line with that old pollical saw, “elections have consequences.”

All that screaming, whining and caterwauling from Democrats is a pure projection based on bald-faced hypocrisy.  Even as they complain about what Republican officials are doing in GOP states, the same Democrat leaders are doing the same thing in blue states.

When discussing redistricting, Democrats play their trump card – the race card.  They say the Republicans produce maps that intentionally diminish black representation because they are racially prejudiced against black people.  That is a canard.  The basic concept of redistricting is to put as many of the oppositions votes in as few districts as possible – or to divide such a concentrated vote into as many districts as possible – to gain an advantage.

Ironically, it is possible for the opposition to use the same techniques to achieve opposite results – depending on the distribution of the vote.

Redistricting is done purely on the vote.  It has nothing to do with race other than the fact that blacks overwhelming vote Democrat.  In addition – thanks to Democrat de facto segregation policies in the major cities – the black vote is highly concentrated.

Gerrymandering is a political campaign issue for the Democrats (1) because they do not control the majority of state legislatures and (2) because they can rely on the biased major media to carry their complaints against Republicans and ignore Democrats doing the very same thing at the very same time.

There were some stories on how Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger was forced out by redistricting – suggesting it was the work of revengeful Republicans.  No. No. No. Illinois is a solid blue state — and it was the Democrat legislature that redistricted Kirzinger out of office.

Wherever you see Democrats in control of the state legislature and governorship, you will see gerrymandering when the new maps are to be crafted after the decennial census.


Democrats are currently accusing Republicans and conservatives of attempting to impose authoritarian rule on the nation.  In virtually every statement and news report, the left is sending forth Chicken Little-like warning that the democracy is in danger – that the Republic is on the verge of imminent collapse.

Not only is the riot on Capitol Hill being inflated by Democrats to an insurrection or an attempted coup, but that it is an ongoing threat being carried out by virtually the entire Republican party – from officeholders to voters.

Some gullible folks apparently believe the propaganda.  They simply disregard logic, history and facts to support that silly notion.  The first thing to understand is that conservatives hate and fear powerful regulatory governance. So, we are supposed to believe that the more conservative Party favors top-down authoritarianism.

Powerful government controlled by one party is quintessential authoritarianism.  And that is where projection comes to play.

Which of America’s two major political parties is in favor of an increasingly more powerful government ruled over by an elite class?  Which party tends to eliminate opposition parties – as we have seen in virtually all of America’s major cities and an increasing number of states?  Which party pushes to curtail or even eliminate basic constitutional rights in what has become known as the “cancel culture”?  AND which party is openly campaigning for the crushing, destruction and elimination of the opposition party?

It’s an insidious process that has been evolving for generations as states’ constitutional rights are consumed by a more distant and less responsible central government – triggering the oppressive growth of a government bureaucracy with more power and less accountability than elected officeholders.

Today’s Democrat’s – led by leftist thinking – are accusing the Republicans of supporting that which they, themselves, advance incrementally over many years.

If the American Republic is to give way to authoritarianism, it will come from the left, not the right.

  So, there ‘tis.

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