A well-known UFO hunter says he has found new and conclusive evidence of the existence of alien bases on Mars!

Self-proclaimed “UFO expert” Scott C. Waring claims he has found another piece of “evidence” of alien life on Mars following his first clues pointing to a UFO base which he says that NASA is hiding from the public.

Waring claims to have discovered an ancient structure residing deep within a crater on Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor. According to him, the structure is buried by thousands of years of windblown dirt and sand.

The structure on Mars stands out proudly – and Waring says if such a discovery was made in the desserts of Earth, it would be “enthusiastically investigated” by archaeologists. However, being that the Red Planet is 34 million miles away from the Earth, that makes it impossible for the new evidence to be examined.

Earlier this month, Waring claimed he had found a 15-mile wide alien base which NASA is hiding from the public.

Waring is well-known among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists for his theories about aliens living among us and has documented his finding on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily.

He has recently taken to Twitter to share his theories on the red planet, where he tweeted, “Found a 25km (15 mi) Base on Mars. 25km according to the ruler on the map. Location to the right of Sulci Gordii.

“NASA doesn’t want you to know about it. UFO Sighting News…site is down, so I will just post what I find here.”

During his explanation, he said that the base is located near Sulci Gordii, which are subparallel furrows and ridges in the rocks of the red planet, which would offer a plausible explanation for the shape he spotted.

This is not Waring’s first finding on Mars, as he claimed to have spotted an alien’s face carved in rocks on the planet last year.

Waring says he believes the carving could be up to “100,000 years old,” which could be evidence that life previously inhabited the red planet.

8 thoughts on “Famous UFO Hunter Finds “More Evidence” Of Alien Bases on Mars”
  1. And what about the bases and colonies on the moon with human life there and now a part of an old rocket is going to hit the moon in a short period of time, like a seek or so. What about those people? Nasa is criminal.

  2. Ain’t no such things as aliens it’s a distraction used by Satan to lead people astray from our Lord God and Jesus Christ!!!!!

  3. No pics for independent assessment from other scientists? I say balderdash! Just a conspiracy theorist’s conjecture to get attention. NASA doesn’t have anything to hide and if they found evidence of past life, intelligent or otherwise, it would be frontpage news and they (NASA) would be proud of it.

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