Yesterday, Maricopa County released a 93-page response to the Arizona Senate audit.

The auditors identified hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.  They discovered internet connectivity on the Elections Management Server, deleted elections files, and several more election law violations.

he County denied every claim, but they finally admitted, a year after the election, to double voting and double-counted ballots.

All evidence from the Senate audit was delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Arizona voters are still waiting for justice.

It has now been almost four months since Brnovich received the evidence of illegal votes, deleted files, computer violations, and other potential fraudulent activity.

The County officials also held a four-hour-long special meeting with their attorneys yesterday, to deny all of the auditors’ findings.

Maricopa County’s response referenced the findings of their “bullsh*t” election audit, performed by the County early last year.

Former Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri said on record that the County’s audit was “bullsh*t”. He then resigned after these recordings were revealed to the public.

As Chucri stated before he resigned, his colleagues are afraid of a real audit.

Maricopa County denied almost all claims by the Senate auditors in their lengthy report. They did, however, admit that voters voted twice and that ballots were double-counted.

The Maricopa County report stated,

Our analysis found 37 instances where a voter may have unlawfully cast multiple ballots. We have forwarded these instances to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for further investigation. We also found 50 instances in which a ballot was potentially double counted.

After Maricopa County’s post-election review of all 2,089,563 ballot IDs, it appears that 50 ballots in one batch were scanned twice. This had no impact on the outcome of any contest.

They continued to discredit the Arizona Senate audit and its findings.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich will decide how many instances of these illegal votes truly occurred when he releases his findings.

Maricopa County is not the only county in question either. In Pima County, 35,000 fake votes were allegedly inserted into the election system.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to demand justice for the stolen 2020 Election.

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6 thoughts on “Maricopa County Admits To Double Counting Ballots And Double Voting”
  1. So if honesty started running rampant, would we be having a bunch of election officials running for their lives? I do declare.
    Elections are not won by how many people voted but by those counting the votes.
    My, my, my.
    I wonder if all the other ballot counting locations were really audited —————

    1. All elections must be considered invalid through out the country immediately! No Supreme Court to supersede! Biden is not elected! Our contract with federal government is to have free honest elections. We the people demand a new election as soon as possible with voters Identified before people can vote.!!!!!!

  2. So what’s the true tally of votes for each candiate? So, finally justice will be served? I’ve always none truth will prevail. What we see action soon, I just can’t believe so people said fraud didn’t occur and they failed to investigate the litigation. Were they worried their be riots in the streets if did an investigation? Thinks that’s why the republication didn’t decertify the election. To this day the democrats are still trying blame Trump for the actions on January 6th.

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