A controversial pastor is planning a “massive burning” of Harry Potter and Twilight books, as well as other items, in Tennessee.

Global Vision Bible Church pastor Greg Locke was met with cries of approval on Sunday when he declared there would be a “burning service” this week.

Locke, who operates out of Mt. Juliet near Nashville, told them to bring Ouija boards, which he called a “portal to hell,” and other items he said were associated with witchcraft.

He then doubled down on his comments in a Monday Facebook post, where he declared the burning would be part of a “continued series on deliverance from demons.”

The post read: “We have stuff coming in from all over that we will be burning. We’re not playing games. Witchcraft and accursed things must go.”

Locke then justified the event by referring to Acts 19, a Biblical chapter that deals with recent converts to Christianity renouncing their past, including by burning scrolls relating to sorcery.

His Facebook post continued: “Ring all your Harry Potter stuff. Laugh all you will haters. I don’t care. It’s witchcraft 100 percent.

“All your “Twilight” books and movies. That mess is full of spells, demonism, shape-shifting and occultism. Bring tarot cards, ouija birds, healing crystals, idol statues, spell books and everything else tied to the occult. It’s got to go.

“If you think we’re crazy, then scroll on. We’re exposing the Kingdom of Darkness for what it is. It’s time for people to be delivered.”

The statement concluded: “We will not tolerate witchcraft and we will not be compromising with devil worshippers.

“Everyone is welcome, but this is Global Vision and we don’t do things like the church down the road or the one you grew up in.

“We can’t unsee the miracles that are happening around us. It’s time to break covenant with the devil and grow in the Lord. Get there early. It’s going to be absolutely amazing.”

Newsweek has contacted Global Vision Bible Church and numerous churches in the Nashville area for comment.

Pastor Locke has pushed COVID-19 misinformation and previously branded the pandemic as “fake.” He also discouraged his supporters from getting inoculated against the virus during his sermons.

He has embraced debunked conspiracy theories related to the 2020 Presidential Election and insisted Joe Biden was not legitimately voted in.

While Locke has been an avid supporter of Donald Trump, he previously declared the former president would lose support over his endorsement of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Original Article: https://www.newsweek.com/right-wing-pastor-greg-locke-organises-massive-book-burning-1674983

6 thoughts on “Right-Wing Pastor Greg Locke Organizes ‘Massive’ Book Burning”
  1. This is going too far. As a Christian you have been given free will to read or not read certain books, to use the tarot or Ouija boards etc. As a child my friends had the board and my mother told me never to touch it, I didn’t. I feared my mother more. I’ve never read Harry Potter, Twilight etc., or seen the movies, they don’t interest me. Book burning is not the answer. Teaching and proper upbringing is the answer.

  2. The author of this should have just stayed with the subject of the article about burning Harry Potter and Twilight books, and Ouija boards. The last 2 short paragraphs threw the entire thing in the crapper by entering issues about Covid vaccines and the elections, then drops the whole thing. Poor writing all around.

  3. This is just what the Left needs to show how demonstrably Fascist Right-Wingers are. This God-freak is making the Right look like Leftist nut jobs. Anything for a dollar, and fame = Neo Christianity.

  4. This guy is a pure-D pharisee. Those books are FANTASY and there is nothing wrong with reading them! Ultra-fundies like this are still stuck in the middle ages – I bet he even thinks that “all rock and roll is from the devil”. Yeah, he ought to listen to some Petra some time, and actually LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!. Guys like this give real Christians a bad name.

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