Since the unceremonious departure of Jeff Zucker and his lover Allison Gollust from CNN, it has come to light that the two of them fed talking points to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his famous “Covid Briefings,” as well as giving him questions in advance when the former Governor appeared on his brother Chris Cuomo’s broadcasts. 

These breaches of journalistic ethics at the left-wing network came to light in a new report from The New York Times that alleges that Gollust, who previously worked for Andrew Cuomo as a communications aide, forwarded topics the Governor wanted to discuss for a CNN interview in March 2020, a revelation from the network’s internal investigation. 

“CNN’s longtime chief of communications and marketing and a former top aide of the Governor passed along the topics to CNN producers and then reported back to the Governor. ‘Done,’ she wrote,” the Times recently reported.

According to the Times, internal CNN investigators found messages that showed Gov. Cuomo wanted to discuss three specific subjects during his March 28, 2020 appearance on CNN, which included his phone conversation with then-President Trump and the effects of New York’s lockdown. 

“Ms. Gollust then sent messages to CNN staff requesting that the Governor be asked about those subjects. The Cravath lawyers reviewed broadcast transcripts that showed that the anchor asked about the subjects that Ms. Gollust had put forward, the people said,” the Times wrote. 

In Gollust’s defense, Risa Heller, a spokesperson for Gollust, told Fox News, “Because she had previously worked in the Cuomo Administration, Allison acted as the principal booker for Governor Cuomo during the early days of the pandemic so he could share critical public health information on CNN’s air. This was well known by the entire network, and many producers relied on her for it on a regular basis.”

Heller said the claims are a “complete misrepresentation of the facts,” stressing Cuomo made such a suggestion “on one single occasion” and it “in no way suggested that inclusion of these topics was a condition of the interview, nor did she suggest the interview should be limited to these subjects.”

“WarnerMedia relying on this everyday practice as justification for dismissing Allison demonstrates how ignorant they are of journalistic practices and further proves that her dismissal is nothing more than retaliation,” Heller said. 

It has also been alleged that Gollust and Zucker fed the senior Cuomo “talking points” to combat Trump on the national stage as the COVID pandemic began taking a toll on the country. 

The now-disgraced CNN lovers also reportedly were “instrumental” in setting up the televised Cuomo Brothers interviews in 2020, and Gollust personally appealed to the Governor to continue his CNN appearances when his office began resisting.

All of these new accusations of impropriety at the network stem from CNN’s investigation into Chris Cuomo, who was fired in December after he was suspended for his role in aiding his brother, Andrew Cuomo, during the now-ex Governor’s sexual harassment scandal.

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