President Biden spoke at a press conference in Brussels yesterday after spending the day with NATO and European Council allies to discuss the deterrence and defense efforts with Russia and Ukraine.

In this clip, Biden tells the world that Americans should expect food supply problems, “it’s going to be real.”

Here, during the same press conference, is Biden trying to explain food shortages, however, his sentence doesn’t quite make sense. 

“We both talked about how we can increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages”

Once his speech is over, he pulls out a helpful list of names of reporters to call on, rather than choosing any reporter in the room. 

An official tweet from the President’s Twitter account shows Biden warmly holding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s arm and smiling, alongside other G7 leaders. 


“I was proud to meet with my fellow G7 leaders today. We remain resolved to stand with the Ukrainian people and government who heroically resist President Putin’s military aggression and war of choice against their sovereign nation.”

6 thoughts on “Biden Mumbles And Fumbles Words When Explaining America’s Pending “Food Shortage””
  1. Another problem with possible food shortage in the future is the chinese who have been buying up farmland and ranches. They can easily cut off our food supply because biden and his corrupt family and the democrat/communist party have been bought and paid for by the chinese at America’s detriment.

    1. And not only that, Ukraine is a/the Bread Basket for not just Europe but many other countries around the world, Putin/china/xiden knew exactly WHAT they were doing/PLANNING as they WAITED for Russia to invade Ukraine…..Many People are referring to the Bible, mentioning FAMINE is coming, and here it is, the Bible just didn’t mention from WHERE or through WHAT it will be IMPOSED on us = Russia, who are in cahoots with China on this and xiden has to LISTEN to what China wants him to do as he had his BIG Payday from China AND Russia through his miserable, CRIMINAL son hunter…..

  2. When are Democrats going to realize that they have an obligation to the American people and to the rest of the world to remove this incompetent, arrogant, delusional man from the office of the presidency. He has become an intolerable embarrassment to everyone and we can no longer endure what or whom he represents. There is, no longer, any reason to doubt that he could have, possibly, won the election of 2020. His deficiencies have been known and, now, he leaves no doubt that he is completely incapable of executing the duties of the office of the president. Democrats need to stop being so, perversely, obstinate in their defense of the, frankly, indefensible. Republicans should be prepared to impeach and remove.

    1. The evil demonrats hate us and will never do anything for us! I realized that last week when congress gave themselves a 21.5 raise and they gave Bidumb 1 million! Hypocrite, thieving, lying snakes in the grass!

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