Here at Louder with Crowder Dot Com, I’m quite fond of trashing teachers’ unions. I can’t stand them, and I don’t think anyone should have to deal with them, but we do. Until we all can agree the unions are THAT bad, there won’t be any change. However, Deborah Flora, a resident of Colorado currently running for the United States Senate, produced a film that may be capable of uniting the political spectrum against the teachers’ unions.

Whose Children Are They? aired in theatres last week—a limited release I wish I had known about earlier—and it seeks to expose the teachers’ unions for what they are, and I must say, the trailer definitely has me interested.

Flora was a producer on the film and said, in an interview with News Busters, it’s “time to galvanize parents by dragging the truth into the light with a full expose of all that is going on in our public school system.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are a Mom and a Dad first.”

The film focuses on topics recently brought to the fore of public discourse concerning public education, topics such as critical race theory and the inappropriate sexual education taught to young students, the arguments surrounding for which have managed to drive a wedge between the left and right, or rather, between the radical left and the rest of us.

“The vast majority of concerned citizens are for the full and unfiltered teaching of history, but not the ideological agenda of CRT […] [W]e are all for Reproductive Biology taught at the appropriate age, but there is a widespread rejection of sexualizing children as young as kindergarten.”

The release of the documentary is timely, as CRT still has a strong foothold in education, and responses to the recently passed Parental Rights in Education bill in Florida showed just how vehemently the left wants perversion taught to little kids.

The documentary was only brought to theatres in a limited release, but Flora foresees it being released on DVD and streaming in the future. I intend to watch it when it becomes available, and I invite our audience to do the same. You can sign up for updates on their website.

We must all arm ourselves with the requisite knowledge to fight the ideological battle for our children’s mindsWhose Children Are They? is just another tool in the kit to do just that.

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