The GOP says that they have recovered a horrifying amount of information from Hunter Biden’s laptop, some of which could even lead to the impeachment of Joe Biden!

Referring to what has been described as a “treasure trove” of information, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon says President Biden could be impeached on the basis of the contents of his son Hunter’s laptop.

This comes as at least a dozen Republicans are said to be pushing to impeach Biden if they win control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections.

“There’s absolutely amazing incriminating evidence, everything from wire transfers to cheques, that directly ties the Biden family and Joe Biden himself to money taken from the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon recently told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Bannon also said the newspapers, media, and tech giants which tried to suppress the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop are “going to be under enormous pressure.”

“I think you are going to see accountability.”

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa talked on Sunday about how Republican lawmakers are not waiting for the appointment of a special prosecutor and apparently have a copy of the infamous laptop believed to have belonged to the president’s son.

“In the meantime, we’re investigating it. We have the laptop,” the California Republican said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, calling it a “treasure trove” before going into some of the specific alleged transactions already in the public view and Biden’s struggles with drug addiction.

Details about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and personal life have emerged in the media thanks to copies of a laptop and hard drive. The FBI took possession of the actual hardware after the owner, believed to be Biden, left it for repairs at a Delaware shop in April 2019 and never returned.

Biden’s financial affairs, including business dealings tied to countries such as Ukraine, China, and Russia, are under scrutiny in a federal criminal investigation. Biden has never publicly denied that the laptop belonged to him but has insisted he is “100% certain” he will be cleared of wrongdoing.

As Republicans in the House gear up for a full-force investigation, if they take control of the chamber after this year’s midterm elections, dozens of GOP colleagues are pressuring the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel. They have raised concerns of there being a conflict of interest “that could prevent a fair and impartial investigation of his activities,” according to a recent letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Issa, who is the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee’s panel on intellectual property and the internet, has already sent out document preservation notices in preparation for an investigation into any efforts to suppress news coverage about Biden’s laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election. Meanwhile, Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, is working on getting the contents of the laptop into the congressional record.

So far, the White House has been adamant in asserting that the president is not involved and that Hunter Biden, 52, did not commit any crimes. But, as more and more is restored and recovered from the damaged laptop, such assertions may become moot! 

4 thoughts on “GOP Has Full Content Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop, And It Could Spell Big Trouble For Joe!”
  1. I hate to say this, but between Hunter Biden, Johnny Depp, and the Obama’s and Clinton’s I’ve had enough of hearing, reading or just caring about any of this. Nothing is going to touch elites any way you look at it. We the people are being screwed every single day and these people just on about their lives while we suffer. Does anyone care that I lost my job after 17 years and I can’t pay my bills because I have to pay for Hunter Bidens or Joe and James et al. lifestyles. Nobody cares about our pockets as long as their’s are full.

  2. All these libs are bat sh** crazy. We need term limits and age limits. The swamp needs to be drained. I’m so sick of all the corruption, stealing, lying, etc. that takes place in politics. The border crisis is unbelievable. Bare Shelves Biden thinks all the illegals are going to vote democratic, but he may be in for a surprise. Oh, I forgot. Fraud will take place again just like it did in 2020. Go Trump, the real president.

  3. The FBI, NYCPD, CIA, and the computer repairman have had the contents for a while now. Nobody seems to care. Imagine being such a lowlife dirtbag that possessing evidence of your debauchery is a felony. Here is to the smartest man resident Demented knows.

  4. We have a an idiot for a president, he made a speech and said “there is going to be a food shortage “ , but he continues to let immigrants flood into America that we have to support and feed, what other country can you walk in to and start getting benefits? Ummmm NONE!! It is very clear that Joe Biden does not care about America’s people, all he cares about is coming across as this humanitarian, charity starts at home joe!! So we are going to have a food shortage and joe Biden thinks the border should be wide open and let more people in here, even though NO other country allows this, he needs to be impeached for this crisis at the border, that HE CREATED!!! He is a liar, a hypocrite and probably a criminal, 86/46

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