Thanks to the support of the leftwing media, Democrats have been successful in branding the controversy over the 2020 election – almost two years ago – as the “big lie.”  They squeeze it into virtually every report on almost any subject.  It is the keystone of their incessant attacks on former President Trump and the Republican Party.  That is classic propaganda – built on a pile of big lies.

Based on both polling, recent election results and anecdotal information, the “big lie” sales pitch is not working.  Republican prospects for the 2022 midterm elections looks better and better every day.

Perhaps the reason that the Democrat strategy of tying all things to Trump has lost its credibility in the marketplace of voters.  Perhaps that is because this dead horse that the left obsessively beats is old news and no longer relevant to the world today.  Other issues are more important to the voters – inflation, war, border crisis, crime and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In terms of the outcome of the 2020 election, the American public has pretty much locked in on their options.  The political discourse we see today on the subject is just the two sides yelling at each other like fans of the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.  The combative language only exists for the sake of … combating.  Its relevancy to the world-at-large is minimal, at best.

If there is to be concern about politicians lying to we the people, it would be more relevant and productive to concentrate on the lies that the current officeholders and the folks in the Fourth Estate are telling us.  They have meaning.

I have written in the past on my complete disinterest in debating the results of the 2020 presidential election – what the left calls “the big lie.”  I am more concerned about what I would call “acceptable lies.”  

I define that as the lies the politicians and the media tell us on a daily basis in order to win political favor.  I call them acceptable lies because the liar is generally not called out for the lies.  I am also more concerned about the lies coming from incumbent office holders and those in control of the levers of power than I am from those yelling outside the walls.  

I am also concerned about lies of omission – deceiving the public by not telling ALL the facts or ALL the points-of-view.  Deceit by omission is the standard operating procedure by leftwing news and social media platforms.  They not only omit critical information, they actually sensor it.

If people believe in the “big lie,” they should also be aware of the “serial lies.”  They are more damaging because they come from those who hold power but may seem less significant.

Let us look at some examples.  And no one better to examine than the premier serial liar, President Biden.  As we look at his contemporary prevarications, let us recall his loooong history of lies – including his claim to be in the top quarter of his college class when he was near the bottom; his claim of scholarships; his bosting to have been selected as the outstanding political science student.  And those repeated instance of plagiarism – a form of lying.

That is all ancient history, of course.  But it does establish the character of the man.  More importantly, what has Biden been lying about lately – lies that have real impact and even costs lives?

  1. Biden lied when he told Americans and American friends in Afghanistan that he would not leave anyone behind.  He left thousands behind – and some of them died because of that lie.  I suppose if you were among those left behind, you might call it a BIG lie.
  1. Biden said that if Putin’s military sets one foot in Ukraine, the United States would hit Russia with the full range of crippling sanctions.  They have not been crippling particularly because he did NOT hit Russia with the full range of available sanctions – and has not done so yet.  It has been a running lie.
  1. Biden repeatedly claimed that his proposed Iran deal will not impact on American taxpayers.  That one got him four Pinocchios from the Washington Post.
  1. Biden essentially admitted that his threats of sanctions were premeditated lies when he recently said that sanctions never deter aggression.  That seems to be the case – and especially weak sanctions.  That lie is currently costing thousands of lives in Ukraine today.
  1. In his recent speech about guns, Biden said that the Founders’ put limitations on individual gun ownership (could not own a canon, he said) … that gun manufactures are immune from legal liability … and that they are the only manufacturers in America to have such an exemption.  Lie.  Lie.  Lie.  It was the Supreme Court that over the years placed restrictions on gun owners, not the Founders (no ban on canon ownership).  Gun manufacturers have limited liability … and the manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccines have been granted immunity from liability.  In the same speech, Biden noted that Remington paid a $73 million settlement to the families of the Sandy Hook massacre. So much for no liability.
  1. Biden often exaggerates his background.  He recalled that as a young boy he recalls his family worrying about the price of gasoline.  In fact, in his youth gas was very cheap and had not increased significantly in price until he was already in the Senate.  It would take volumes to chronical all of Biden’s “resume lies.”
  1. Biden has claimed that his administration has done nothing to reduce American oil production.  That came after the inflationary rise in gas prices.  Previously, he boasted of all the actions he had taken against the oil industry as part of his New Green Deal policies.  His actions resulted in a plunge in oil production to the point that America lost tis position as an oil and gas exporter.  The country is no longer oil independent – and Biden is now begging America’s enemies (Russia, Iran, Venezuela) to increase production.
  1. Biden said that he never discusses business with his son, Hunter, and knows nothing about it.  The Hunter laptop produced evidence that this was a monumental lie.  Biden was deeply involved in supporting his son’s business activities … met with partners and potential clients … AND benefited directly in the form of Hunter paying a number of Biden’s bills.  Paying his bills?  Biden has an estimated net worth of more than $8 million dollars.  His gross income in the four years he was out of office was $17 million.  And the man cannot pay his bills? The Hunter money smells more like payoffs to “the big guy.”.
  1. In fact-checking Biden’s recent State of the Union speech, the Washington Post flagged these statements of dubious veracity.  According to the Post, they did not award Pinocchios because they were not subjects of a complete column – whatever that distinction makes.  They are:

“Our economy created over 6.5 million new jobs just last year, more jobs created in one year than ever before in the history of America.”

“The only president ever to cut the deficit by more than 1 trillion dollars in a single year.”

“America used to have the best roads, bridges, and airports on Earth. And now our infrastructure is ranked 13th in the world.”

“Look, repeal the liability shield. It makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued.”

“Just last year, 55 Fortune 500 corporations earned $40 billion in profits and paid zero dollars in federal tax.”

“Seventeen Nobel laureates in economics say my plan will ease long-term inflationary pressures.”

“The single biggest investment in history was a bipartisan effort.”

This is just a few of the MANY lies, half-truths and deceptions in which Biden has engaged on an ongoing basis.  PolitiFact lists 86 outright lies by Biden.  That does not include a plethora of dubious statements and factual mistakes.

Biden is a transactional liar.  He distorts his background to make it appear he has a something in common with an audience.  His entire image as “lunch bucket Joe” is a distortion of reality.  He has been a person of exceptional privilege his entire life – entering the United States Senate at the age of 30.

Just six months ago, the New York Post carried an editorial headlined: Biden’s obsessive lies – small and large – are big trouble for America.

Constantly looking back at Trump is like a second marriage.  What difference does it make if your ex-spouse was cheating on you?  It only matters if your current spouse is cheating.  The lies and false narratives emanating from the White House TODAY – and carried as credible by Democrats and their media cronies – seem to me more relevant than the never-ending clubhouse debate over the 2020 election.

So, there ‘tis.

One thought on “The Big Lie, Lots Of Lies, And Propaganda”
  1. Actually saying 500 corporations earned $40 billion in profits and paid zero dollars in federal tax is only a half lie. Federal taxes that they did pay are just an expense in the cost of their product or service and are really paid by the consumer. Corporations not paying their “fair share” is an old worn out liberal deception/lie.

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