Something odd appears to be happening across America: In the past six months, 18 U.S. food processing plants have reportedly burned down, and Twitter has questions.

“This is an odd coincidence,” remarked Wall Street Silver, who posted a collage of headlines from Texas, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, California, and more, all screaming “Fire!”

“Anyone else been following this?” the hugely popular Catturd asked Thursday.

If users weren’t following the story before, they are now. The tweet was retweeted nearly 7,000 times in just 13 hours.

The latest fires come on the heels of a warning in late March from President Joe Biden that food shortages “are gonna be real,” spawning whispers of conspiracies across social media.

So, what is happening?
Well, after a small plane crashed into a Georgia General Mills plant — the second plane in a week to hit a food processing plant — radio talk show host Jason Rantz joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson to lend some perspective to the string of destructive fires.
“So, industrial accidents happen, of course,” said Carlson, “but this is a lot of industrial accidents at food processing facilities at the same time the president is warning us about food shortages.”

“Obviously, when something happens every so often, you obviously hope that there is no significant damage and certainly that no one gets hurt, but you kind of write it off, it’s not that big of a deal, accidents happen. But when you’ve got well over a dozen food processing plants and warehouses getting destroyed or seriously damaged over just the last few weeks at a time when the food supply is already vulnerable, it’s obviously going to be suspicious, and it could lead to serious food shortages.”
“That’s why some folks are now wondering — well, number one, what’s going on? You’ve got some people speculating that this might be an intentional way to disrupt the food supply,” Rantz added.

One Twitter user who is in the crop protection business has been following the fires closely and says, “None of it’s normal or usual — PLANNED.”

And Greg Musselwhite posted a list of fires and dates along with the comment, “This can’t be coincidental.”

“Yes… there was another plane that crashed into a food processing plant tonight,” tweeted Kimberly Morin. “WTF is going on and why isn’t the media OR the GD government talking about this?”

Nerves were made rawer following a warning this week from the International Money Fund (IMF) that the world must ready itself for an economic slowdown and the violence that often comes with it.

As reported in BizPac Review, the IMF “is warning that the world must brace for a significant economic slowdown, explosive inflation, and potential violent societal unrest due to skyrocketing energy and food prices as famine and depression loom in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

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One thought on “What In The World Is Going On? Almost 20 US Food Processing Plants Catch Fire”
  1. Useless eaters unite!
    We have COVID which had every indication of being a designed pandemic.
    We have inflation which everyone warned us against upping food prices.
    We have supply line shortages largely because of vaccine requirements.
    Large areas of food-producing areas are suffering a long-term drought.
    We have what is very close to open borders.
    We have gas prices rocketing up, which is making food prices and the cost of getting to work go up.
    We have all but shut down domestic energy production.
    We are doing our best to get into a war with Russia to distract attention off our domestic clown show.
    We were told the military will get a battery-powered tank?
    Now food plants appear to be targeted for destruction?

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