Wikipedia’s co-founder said the website’s modern leadership has allowed leftist and biased sources to cripple the user-edited database he helped create.

The website originally committed itself to neutrality, but it has now become a platform of leftist essays, Larry Sanger, who left Wikipedia over a decade ago, said.

“We promulgated a policy, the neutrality policy, and it was very clear in the beginning, and I think I really hammered it a lot. In the two years that I was with the organization, I really drove that neutrality policy, and I articulated a defense,” he said.

However, when Sanger left, his “influence was forgotten” and “gradually became watered down,” he said.

“There isn’t an open system anymore,” he said on Tucker Carlson Today, “and therefore, the kinds of people that are allowed to have any influence on Wikipedia have been narrowed down greatly to essentially people who agree with the establishment Left.”

As a platform, Wikipedia promotes itself as a place where “anyone can edit,” according to a report.

However, its pages on socialism and communism demonstrate the Left’s growing bias over the website, the report noted.

“The Left, frankly, is relentless when it comes to stating their point of view and using the organs of mass media, and Wikipedia is part of their mass media, I think, to shape the world,” Sanger said. “And so, it became another one of the institutions that they had to capture.”

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